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Picture was taken at IKEA, at the exit. It's been awhile since we came to IKEA, partly because we don't have anything to buy. The last was few years ago when we wanted to get a bunk bed for the kids, but even that didn't happen because I will have trouble carrying the bed all the way up to 4th floor.

That however, is my destiny. Now the sofa is out, it's been with us for 9 wonderful years, and the price was RM299. Dude, that's like less than 100 American dollar.

Mom gave us one of her extra coach, but the sleeve washed and still to dry. We did the measurement, and so we went to IKEA to get a new sleeve just to be sure in the event of this thing need a wash, we will have an extra sleeve to use.

Anyway, no joy. We've scanned through the whole shop, we weren't able to find the similar coach, not to mention the sleeve is an accessories to that coach. Think they probably discontinued it. Fortunately, the previous sleeve is dried by the time we reached home. I spent like 20 minutes to put it back on and now we have an almost new sofa set at the living room.


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