Life is unpredictable

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Weather is somewhat cranky nowadays. It was heavy rain for the past few months, but recently it doesn't rain as much. Problem is, unpredictable.

Morning begin with a chocolate shake at the trainer's office. Not that I'm complaining, who doesn't like a low calories chocolate shake early in the morning. I know, despite of the horrible soy base drink smells, it's still a healthy AF drink. If you do not know, I'm in the midst of trying to lose weight.

Took a tasty lunch of KFC, 3 pieces of fried chicken does the magic. After which, went or Starbucks for a quickocha frappe. I know I'm not supposed to, but my mouth is just way too itchy. And by the time dinner is ready, wife brought out KFC she packed earlier 😂

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so cold in my here.!shop

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聚贤阁群友互动,您中奖了! 聚贤阁小乐透传送门

And we got snow ^^

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Didn't know snow in Seoul. Did you make a post? Lemme go over and have a look ❤️

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In Thailand it rains, if it doesn't rain then PM2.5

A friend told me at this time of the year, Chiangmai has the best weather.

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Love how you said, I am in the midst of trying to lose weight - and then you go on to downed 3 pieces of KFC.

Add oil bro! :-)

That said, never stop trying 😝 at the end of the day, I'd tell myself, at least I tried.

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