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I have a local made Proton Saga, one of its base line model vehicle produced by the BT3 plantanifacturer. They like to use BT in the VIN as it stands for BuaTan(make). Some said it's BATU(miles), but I doubt the factory has 3 miles in width to run the production line. I have a Savvy, and it's BT2, so I do believe it stands for model.

Proton has always been categorised as subpar local manufactured car, being famous for its auto window defects. Since 1986, they never stop surprising their customers with broken automatic window, we call it never fail to fail. Own a Proton, you own the rights to repair their power windows. However, all that has changed since they bought Lotus. I don't remember Lotus make good power window?

Anyway, fast forward to Proton promised their customer on their new base line model(BLM), which is my car, a life time power window problem free. And my car is exactly 10 years old now, for the first time the power window is broken. The switch malfunction. I believe the supporting bracket is broken, check for lifetime warranty as Proton promised, well as you would imagine, the vehicle is EOL. End of life, they don't produce the car no more, that's end of its model life. Now I know what lifetime warranty mean.

Not like I'm complaining, it has been with me 10 years and considered it wear and there. Bought a replacement unit, clearly it's not original, and had them replaced for less than RM20. Dude, that's less than 5 dollars repair. What do you expect? My kids toy Ferrari cost more than 5 dollars.

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当场气死 机翻不出来

簡單來說,寶騰遠近馳名的電動窗經常壞,終於來到我身上了。最後自己買料解決 🙂

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