My normal diet

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My normal diet, isn't really that much of an excitement. The way you saw me eating good stuff, those are some of the days I do it for work, or lunch hour going out with colleagues for a treat.

Other than those crazy days, I'm usually stuck with very normal comfort food. And seriously, I think I'm getting uncomfortable with the pricing here at the cafeteria at my office. This plate of Briyani rice with few pieces of ladyfingers, a boiled egg and a slap of stingray, it cost me 13.50. Added with a cup of tea, there goes 15 bucks. I can have a feast for 15 bucks out there.

And I don't normally go wild with my dinner. Usually when I got home, family would have finished their dinner and whatever they left for me, I will eat them. Since I'm on diet, I will just request to not cook my rice.

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我是一個容易的人。 關於食物 😋😅

Everything is overpriced these days except money.

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