Got all the weight I loss, back

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It's Monday! Short weekend get away ended gracefully with the love one and fetch the little ones back home, and the house turned upside down 😂

Who doesn't want a moment of peace? My dad always refer to the 3 of us the little rascal that capable of demolishing the whole house, now j get the idea. I have 2, and they already can demolish my house, I can't imagine how my mom handle us 😂

Breakfast at the Herbalife centre with my favorite chocolate shake. Did my measurement there and gotten all the weight I loss back 😝 my coach was super disappointed but also surprise I didn't kill myself for eating so much.

So, the rest of the day I've been doing very carefully withy diet and lose weight week begun. Pan stretch noodle for lunch and a piece of pork chop, some simmer chicken and a stash of spinach for dinner.

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Congratulations for getting back what you lost! Oops, maybe not? :-)

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