Calories explosion

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Christmas is around the corner, and I'm on a mission to find presents for friends. At the same time, company financial year end is on the Christmas Eve, so I'm kinda stuck at work.

Nevertheless, I still need to eat. So I went to lunch with my superior, a very nice lady that has similar topic with me since we're same age. Talks a lot, had loads of fun. Best is, we both likes to eat. I had a butter milk chicken rice, also ordered a smoke duck to share, and she had a plate of black pepper chickenchop.

After work, I went to Tesco and search for present for an hour and finally decided and bought her a sandwich toaster. Off I proceed to eat my Subway wrap, pretty darn nice. By the time I reached home, sky already turned dark. And there a bowl of leftover fried rice awaiting me...

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It looks very delicious.😋

good day!

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幸福 !shop

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Looks better for your body than fried chicken.