The Diary Game 2/7/2020

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Hello everyone, today i apply job to Foxconn.

I has wakeup at 5:30am and go to restaurant eat breakfast near university and wait bus.

6:30 Am. we are on bus and go to hospital and check health.

after check health we are go to drink a water near hospital

10h00 AM. go to company Foxconn in Bac Ninh Viet Nam. and listening leader talk information company.

11h30 AM. we are go to eat lunch and sleep after eat.

and now, i have contract with company.

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Foxconn also has built factory in VN now?

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yes , foxconn have many factories in Việt Nam

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Good day @dolphinscute. I see you had quite a busy day. Hope it was not too stressful? Thank you for playing #thediarygame, but one of the instructions is that your words should be at least 100 words. You should consider that in subsequent entries.


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Congratulations on the new job!

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