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RE: WhereIN Android v1.0.31 Updates: Smoother Log-in & Faster Transfer & 15 Tags & UI/UX Optimization & More | WhereIN安卓v1.0.31 更新:支持中国用户转账&登录、支持多标签、界面优化及新功能增设

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What's wherein?


Thank you for your reply. Wherein is a Dapp for lifestyle sharing.You can try it if you are interested in it.😄

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It's just like partiko and esteem but only for lifestyle?

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Maybe you have a misunderstanding here: Lifestyle includes everything in our daily life. And one advantage we have is that users who post in WhereIN community receive our automatic voting support.😁

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I've downloaded it. It's in Chinese and I can't change the language until I login, and it requires active key to login

We are considering supporting the English version.Now we do only implement the active key login,And I am very sorry

All good. I've logged in now, but yet to post

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