Python for Kids, for Dummies

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Recently I purchased the following Python Book Python for Kids for Dummies from Amazon.

You can purchase this book at Amazon

A quick look inside this book - I think it is perfect for kids aged 7+ to read.

Python is considered a quick-to-learn and easy-to-understand language. It is very powerful as well and can be used in many domains from simple scripting to machine learning data processing.

The Python coding syntax is simple - and the inbuilt data structure is rich such as array, dictionary, tuple, hash map etc. The coding style is neat - as there is no argument about where to put the braces (in the same line or next line). However, there is still argument of using 4-spaces or a TAB to indent your python code.

For kids, the learning to programming should not be difficult otherwise kids may lose interests. The book serves a good purpose, with simple explanation on what interesting tasks Python can do.

Now, I let my son read this book before they go to bed e.g. bedtime stories.

You can purchase this book at Amazon

Python is good for teaching kids programming, I think better compared to QBasic.

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This book is good.

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