Coding Interview Tips for Software Engineers

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Coding Exercises

Practice do make a huge difference! Make sure you're prepared for your interview by practicing coding exercises in different categories.

Coding Interview Tips and Guidance

Make sure you understand the question. Read it back to your interviewer. Be sure to ask any clarifying questions. An interview is a two-way conversation; feel free to be the one to ask questions, too.

Don't rush. Take some time to consider your approach. For example, on a tree question, you'll need to choose between an iterative or a recursive approach. It's OK to first use a working, unoptimized solution that you can iterate on later. Talk through your thinking and processes out loud. This can feel unnatural; be sure to practice it before the interview.

Test your code by running through your problem with a few test and edge cases. Again, talk through your logic out loud when you walk through your test cases.

Think of how your solution could be better, and try to improve it. When you've finished, your interviewer will ask you to analyze the complexity of the code in Big O notation. Walk through your code line by line and assign a complexity to each line.

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this is right. So that we should answer the question by understanding it.

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