Remote working is going to be the future trend for software engineering

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The COVID-19 is coming back.. The UK government made a mistake in incentizing people going out to restaurant in Aug by paying 50% of the bill. Now the situation is getting worse with more and more infected cases. It is likely there will be a second lockdown.

I have been home since March working from home. In this 6 months, I saved lots of time in commuting and i can sleep more per day. Also, the transportation fee (e.g. bus) is no longer paid.

Thanks to Working from home. I got a much better work-life balance. And I got more time to spend with family (wife and kids). And i got to enjoy the sunshine in the back garden with a cup of coffee.


I am lying down on the trampline and just sleeping like a baby.. everything so comfortable.


The COVID-19 shapes the future trend for software engineering. For SDEs, working from home is nice. We deal with the code, not the people, so it would make sense that we can work anywhere that we feel comfortable - without being interrupted/distracting.

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Just started working from home as a software developer. Everything is awesome, except that miss having a proper ergonomic chair to sit in. Maybe I should invest in getting one of those.

yes, definitely a good idea to get a nice chair! Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

拍拍,👍👍👍,good life, beautiful sky

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