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Day 27 14/8/20 Got an accident
It was about ten o'clock. i was teaching a smart girl. I was enjoying my work sudenly . my phone rang. I had a bad feeling. It was unusual, because my internet data was off. There was a call not via what' s up but from the phone service. I pickep up the phone and heard My wife said in hard slow voice that my beloved boy got an accident.

Then I talked to Mrs.N
ia. She was a teacher who went with me. She said that I should go home. I went home by grab bike because the school car would continue to another student.

I arrived at home and met my two little girls. They look sad and said that their brother was brought to a clinic by their mom and neighbours.

I went to a clinic that my neighbour said. Oh my God, I went to wrong clinic. Then I called my wife. She was at home with my little boy. I hurried to go home I was very sad to see my kid got broken arm . He cried to see my " papa papa" I hold him and kissed him and said. "it ' s ok" . He began to calm down. I hold his hand and wiped his head.
My wife said that while she was working for small plastic craft, she head my boy screamed. She did not notice at first because my boy was playing on a bench in front of my house. The she heard his scream louder , she hurried to my boy. He fell on the ground with a loud cry. My wife took my boy but he refused, the my neighbour came and saw that my boy's arm broken. They hurriedly picked up my boy and brought to a clinic. It was a traditional clinic for broken bone. In my country there were many masters in broken bone.They were from traditional martial art students called " cimande" they used traditional methode without operation to cure broken bones without operation. Of course the methode was paunful at first. But it worked well after that. My wife said my boy cried loudly in replacement process of the broken bone. It took not more than 15 minutes. Then my boy' arm covered with straight light wood. My boy brought home with some medicine. He could be treated at home.
After three days, I should bring my boy again to the broken bone master to be checked. At night my boy could sleep soundly. He did not feel pain in case the arm moved. We should help him to toilet and eat. He could smile again though his hand was covered with bandage. I hope that my boy's arn will recover soon and see him smile, lough and play.

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tell you son, should be careful next time! wish good best for him!

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