Day 28 Recovering

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Day 28 Recovering process
After having an accident, My boy had a joint elbow dislocation, he is taken care at home. He has smile again now though his hand covered with bandage. He wanted to play again but I said "You can play after you recover completely". He looked dissapointed but he understood.
His sister helped him when he wanted to do something. His sisters usually fight with him in normal condition but now she was very kind. Though I am sad with my boy's condition but I am happy because my daughters become more care to their brother.
I hope my boy will recover soon and study, play again with his sisters and frieds. At the firs days, he cried and looked stressfull because of his limitation to move and walk. He should get help from others. My wife was patient in assisting my boy to eat, and go toilet. She looked so tired so I always helped her after I went home from work. Be strong!My boy!

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