Picking Cashew Fruit

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Picking Cashews
Cashew is a kind of nut. The fruit has two parts. Cashew apple and cashew nut. Most traded is cashew nut. People eat fresh cashew apple or make it liquor.

This morning, I am picking up some cashew fruit that grow beside my house. There are some that rippened. I do not eat the cashew nut but I eat the cashew apple. The most content of cashew apple is water. The color is orange and soft. It is sweet and little astringent.

Cashew apple that expose more to sunlight is more orange than not. Children do not like the cashew apple because of the astringent taste.

This morning I pick about 7 fruit. I usually eat together with my neighbour the cashew apple. We do not like the nut because it is only a few.

Have you ever tried cashew apple?

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