WhereIN Android v1.0.31 Updates: Smoother Log-in & Faster Transfer & 15 Tags & UI/UX Optimization & More | WhereIN安卓v1.0.31 更新:支持中国用户转账&登录、支持多标签、界面优化及新功能增设

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Our WhereIN team has been going through a lot recently. Four months ago, in order to update Android and iOS at the same time, we started the development with Flutter. But due to problems such as the map application, we stopped working with Flutter. Another issue is that Steemkillers, our online game based on Steem blockchain, hasn’t reached the goal we expected. These have been the tough times in our work. 

The great news is, we just had an important update – the Android v1.0.31 has been launched, and more new features are following. This version enables mainland Chinese users to choose the node, to realize instant transfer in Dapp, to add more tags, to export their key if they sign up with mobile phone, and to enjoy a better UI & UX.

We are looking forward to seeing your feedback about our updates. Feel free to comment here.

1. Smoother Log-in  

There have been issues for Mainland Chinese users to visit Steem blockchain. Our earlier solution was using proxy server so users could log in with Whereinconnect. However, Whereinconnect didn’t work anymore after the last update of Steemconnect. It was bad news for the Chinese community. 

Therefore, our developers made changes on the new Android version, so now the users in mainland China are able to log in and to choose their nods.

2. Faster Transfer  

With the internet restriction, another large obstacle for mainland Chinese users is to transfer Steem to each other. To solve this problem, we optimized WhereIN Wallet, so users could transfer Steem fast and freely. 

3.  15 Tags & Tag Search 

If users post via WhereIN, there is a chance to get upvoted by @wherein, @wherein-bit and @cnstm. And we got feedback that there is a need to use  more than 5 tags when posting. So, we have developed the new feature that supports 15 tags.   

All tags are displayed neatly in one line under the post, and users can slide to the left or to the right on their phone screen to see each tag.  

Also, our newly added feature allows users to check out all the posts under the same tag upon clicking it. 

4.  UI & UX Optimization 

1). The one-column display of the Upvote dropdown list has been changed to a two-column one, so users can view more clearly the upvoters, the upvote value and percentage.   

2). The comment section can now be displayed on the lower half of the phone screen, so users don’t have to wait for the uploading of another new page.  

 3). The image resolution and the layout have also been optimized for a better viewing, so the overall UI and UX are improved. 

5.  Key Export for Mobile Sign-ups  

Earlier, we enabled Mainland Chinese users to sign up with their phone number  and to sign in with the verification code sent to that number. In this way, an easier access to the Steem blockchain has been ensured. Now, we made it a step further by allowing them to export their passwords.  

 Note: After the key is downloaded,it will be deleted by the server. So, please keep the key safe. 

6.  RC & Voting Power  

Now users can click on Settings – Profile to easily check the value of their RC and Voting Power. And at Personal ID of the bottom menu, the value ring of RC and Voting Power is displayed for a better understanding of their profile. 

There is still a long way to go, and we have been working hard. WhereIN would love to invite you to share with us the beauty of the world!

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众所周知,因为一些原因,中国用户访问Steem区块链一直比较困难。我们之前通过中转服务器,让whereinconnect支持中国用户登录。不过,在Steemconnect最近一次更新后,whereinconnect无法使用了,这对于Steem CN区来说,是一个灾难性的消息。 



Steem CN区用户,一直有一个巨大的障碍,很难在现有网络条件下相互转让STEEM。为了能更加方便中国用户在Steem社区使用,我们优化了WhereIN的钱包,支持快速转账,让wherein用户能更畅快、自由的在Steem社区翱翔。

三、多标签发帖 & 标签搜索




四、界面& 体验优化







六、RC & Voting Power

我们支持点击「个人中心」-「个人头像」,轻易查看账户RC和Voting Power能量值,同时还支持底部菜单栏「个人中心标识」显示RC和Voting Power的能量环,以此方便大家在互动的同时,更方便知道账号的情况。



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What's wherein?

Thank you for your reply. Wherein is a Dapp for lifestyle sharing.You can try it if you are interested in it.😄

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It's just like partiko and esteem but only for lifestyle?

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Maybe you have a misunderstanding here: Lifestyle includes everything in our daily life. And one advantage we have is that users who post in WhereIN community receive our automatic voting support.😁

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I've downloaded it. It's in Chinese and I can't change the language until I login, and it requires active key to login

We are considering supporting the English version.Now we do only implement the active key login,And I am very sorry

All good. I've logged in now, but yet to post

Congratulations @wherein!
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