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Nymph Carl (1).jpg

@carlgnash posted a series of hilarious selfies in his entry to comedy open mic this sparked me to create the above edit just for fun. it was pretty much all I could do without photoshop but we had a laugh .....Then @hiddenblade made this

Creation of Carl.jpg

And after that @rubencress did this

image (2).png

I could not help myself this idea just popped up in my head and now will not go away ...So this is the deal ...What if Carl became Steemit's new where is Waldo? So out of this this contest was born !

Contest Specifications:

Your mission, if you choose to take it, is to blend Carl into a historic painting or photograph to make us laugh. For this you can choose from the following carl pix :

carl flex smaller.jpg


Carl sarong smaller.jpg

Carl Splash.jpg

Carl Sunbeam.jpg


carl sarong 3 smaller.jpg

You can dress or undress Carl give him a hat , put makeup on him but it needs to be clear that it is Carl so he needs to be recogniseable -Take it from here and let's see where it goes 😊

The Winner will receive 5Steem from yourstruely plus 5steem from @carlgnash thats 10steem to make him pretty plus half of the funds generated from the post the other half of the funds will be going to @sayee so she can buy some more supplies for her neighbors who are still struggling in Kerala

other specs:

1-upvote this post as it will help making the rewards pool larger. (You do not have to resteem but it would be appreciated as it lets people know about the contest).
2- One entry per person
3- post under the tag #whereiscarl
4- leave a link to your entry in the comment section of this post
5- put your finger on your nose and wiggle your toes (just checking if you are paying attention)
6- The deadline falls when this post reaches payout - so 7 days from now.

💜 💜💜Good luck to all participants! 💜💜💜

As @mr-monk had a second entry that does not count but is pretty I thought I would share the one he is not entering too- Enjoy!


(Image credit Dave Renike and a portrait of the fair jubilee made by myself turned into this here universal truth meme) 1146410_626398614061443_1547687283_o.jpg


nan small.jpg

Artists & Musicians wanted for the One Project
Image source
One small .png

Image Credit

art courtesy of @PegasusPhysics




catspace 150 dpi medium.png
this little girl was made for me by @barbara-orenya


Haha! What have we done¿?! I'm laughing so hard right now 😂😂😂

Hahaha this is a brilliant idea! Can't wait to see more photos of Carl in a different world!

Don't worry your immortal soul is safe (for now), I just stopped by to drop off my entry in this contest :)


Thank you for your entry and your generosity :)

@carlgnash go look at this one :D

Ah that old fly on the wall :)

OMG @mr-monk just made the first legit Where's Carl, it actually took me forever to find myself! I told him about this contest hopefully he makes a proper entry, he left it as a comment on my post


Click to embiggen

Wow this is a very good entry ! Took a while but yeah I found Carl :-) Hilarious contest.. I dont think I can submit a good entry but I'll try lol :)

trying is half the fun!

I saw :) but he has to present it @carlgnash -LOL -not you make him post it here :) we need yo keep this thing fair ;)

Hahaha. Totally
I’ll make a proper entry to be in. But since I did it just for fun, if my Where’s Carl wins, my prices go to @sayee and her neighbors ;)


I am humbled by your love and care. Thanks

No, thank you! You are the one who loves and cares ;)

Oh Carl @carlgnash, believe me, this will become a THING!! :D I can't wait to see the entries!

oh dear. Thanks a lot and I hope steem price will rise so that I can do my bit for all. As for Carl, I sure hope his family wont mind, oops

i don't think they will :)

OMG wow I am flattered!!! This is hilarious I hope this becomes a thing :) All the love - Carl

You're unreal! Such an easygoing, fun and nice guy! Just wanted to say that. #nohomonothingagainsthomos

i so wish i was better at photomanip. i have a great idea for a mash-up!

give it a go :)

Just dropping a quick comment so I can come back and look at all the entries later. I am sure this one will be lots of fun.

okay we gotta get this thing some more traction :) I am going to post about it tomorrow. I will chip in another 5 Steem toward the prize pool

:D updated it to that effect :D

If this goes well we are doing a yule edition you will have to wear the kings wreath and nothing else and do a few shots with a santa hat for the christians :D

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