Whisper Gallery I: Week VI Art by @artistchristian! @Juliakponsford is next!

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This is week V of #Whisper! If any of you know of the game Chinese Whispers AKA Telephone, this is a take on that.

Steemians, check out this amazing interpretation of @natureofbeing's exceptional ceramic art piece by @artistchristian.

Week VI Art by @artistchristian

@artistchristian created this magnificent looking piece of art with texture, color, and life. The way he described it was by creating a digital piece of art and digitally altering it to give the illusion of a stained glass piece.

6. Artistchristian.png

I can see @artistchristian's viewpoint about how he approached this piece and thing it's a really neat pairing against @natureofbeing's work. She took physical material and worked with it despite it's complications in the process of the physical world to create something beautiful and @artistchristian took that idea and flipped it on it's head to create something perceivably physical with a digital creation. This pairing represents exactly what this whole thing is about. Each one can tell a similar story, or in one's perspective can change the entire trajectory of it.

What is Whisper?

A chain of artistic creations that are each initiated by a seed idea/art piece (one piece of artwork inspires the next piece, and so on). Each week we will have a featured artist who will create a piece that is inspired by the piece from the week before. In this case, it's the seed to start it off.



The Trail

1. Upheaver.jpg

Dreams of Titan, 2018 by @upheaver

2. Paolobeneforti.jpeg

My Untitled Artwork, 2018 by @paolobeneforti

3. Aksinya.jpeg

Nothing Else Matters, 2018 by @aksinya

4. Voronenka.jpg

Flickering Light, 2018 by @voronenka

5. Nature of Being.jpg

Dreaming A Little, 2018 by @natureofbeing

6. Artistchristian.png

untitled, 2018 by @artistchristian

Helping Build an Art Community

We want to collectively build an art community. This is a great way to connect us, support each other through up-votes, comments, and follows. Steemit can be a slow-growing platform for creatives starting out, and the future goal is to roll this into a community event where people can be perpetually submitting to the chain.

Steemians, I encourage everyone to re-steem this post to gain more eyes on the project and allow the artists to get more rewards for their high-quality work. Every comment, upvote, resteem, and follow helps!


Steemians, please let me know what you think of Whisper Gallery I so far in the comments below!



Congratulation.art awesome