why computer just understand the "0" and "1" for now?

in #why3 months ago

why computer just understand the "0" and "1" for now?

Most of people will tell you because the computer consist of logic circuits.And the circuit usually has only two states of switch------power on or power off.

power on can be expressed by "1".

power off can be expressed by " 0".

In my opinion, "0" and "1" means everything.

"0" means false,"1" means true.

"0" means no, "1" means yes.

"0" means bad, "1" means good.

If one child know what is correct and what is wrong. Then he/she can start to learn and they will learn quickly.

For now, the computer is just A child who will follow our order. But he/she will become our friend when he/she finishes upgrade very soon.

After the computer finish another upgrade in the future. I believe he/she will become our leader or even our God.

So let's wait for that moment which will come very very soon......

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