Strange Going On(s)... Sometimes...

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"It feels different here..." was a comment I read from a long time, very popular and active member, the other day on another blogging/social media - Blockchain site.

This, was after she had returned from taking a short break from activity, for reasons I do not remember. That part isn't important though... otherwise, I would probably recall the reason.

I think it was Miss Wiggle, or that cute Swiggle chick, or something like that? Maybe it wasn't...?!?!?!? My mind is such s sieve these days.


Before I stumbled across her comment, I had been sort of feeling the same way. My suspicion is, a lot of you guys are feeling something similar - for whatever the reason.

There has been a bit of a lull in stuff over there lately and the 'stats' seem to bare it out.

Yet, for some reason, the very day I read that remark, they had a huge spike in posts...!!! The activity more than doubled for just ONE day...?!?!?!? Then it dropped like a dying flock of geese falling from the clouds.


What the hell was going on that day to cause such a spike??? Whatever it was, maybe someone can figure it out and we can synthesize what was happening at the time, then use it for our advantage - for GROWTH right here on this platform?

Some 'Tech' genius should team up with a good 'analyst' and solve the dilemma.

That would be cool...

Steemit seems to be doing a bit better (pricewise) in the marketplace then the other site. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the price of Steem and SBD keep going UP... regardless of what happens anywhere else in this Blockchain world of ours.

Since that day, I've come across a number of ex-users returning with quick short posts; some have been gone for months... like 'I' have been guilty of as well (Don't viciously scorn me for such sinning)

From what I gather, those people do not plan to stay very long once again, according to this quote, "Just dropping in to say hello and see what's going on".

Why bother...??? I don't get it... but, I don't get a lot of things which go on in some peoples heads :>) I might be stupid in that way?

As a matter of fact... I don't understand what goes on in my own head half the time, or why it even pops into my brain.





Listen, folk... I'm outta here for now. See ya again soon😎




Another Fine Rant-Like Rambling by @AngryMan on Steemit - Feb. 6, 2021

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