M2 Hive: world's most powerful MESH Wi-Fi router

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No more dead spots, and the fastest connection in the world. Wi-Fi for the future.


The M2 Hive is the world’s fastest, most advanced, Wi-Fi system:

  1. Get SUPER fast connection, twice the industry average.
  2. Connect ALL your devices. Alexa, Sonos, everything.
  3. Covers the ENTIRE home, and even hits those hard to reach places. Never experience dead spots again.

Get it now, for a massive 30-40% discount!

M2 Hive: world's most powerful Wi-Fi system
A Wi-Fi system that has your whole house covered


We’ve all experienced Wi-Fi problems whether it’s a slow connection, reboots, constant buffering or you just can’t connect in some rooms of your house. It’s really annoying, especially as our homes become smarter with voice assistants and connected thermostats, and our demand on bandwidth increases with streaming services and online gaming.

Our current Wi-Fi systems aren’t able to keep up with the demands of a connected home and today we're saying "enough is enough"! The M2 Hive gives you the speed, connectivity, simplicity, and control that your home Wi-Fi needs and deserves. Finally, say goodbye to bad Wi-Fi. Hello to the M2 Hive.

When we say fast Wi-Fi, we mean it. M2 Hive is twice as fast as the industry average. No more waiting for your favorite program to load or dealing with lag in your gaming.



Stretch goals - upgrades to the system!
We’ve decided that with the extra funding we can give everyone even more great features for the M2 - so we’ve set some stretch goals. Reaching these goals will allow us to upgrade our incredible system even further! What are the new features? We’ll be able to build a VPN straight into the system, with super advanced encryption and privacy algorithms, leveraging the same solution used by the NSA! Think passwords are a pain? No worries, your guests will be able to log into your network directly if you are Facebook friends - it’s so much easier! We have many, many upgrades planned and reaching these stretch goals will help us deliver these upgrades to you by September!

The power is in your hands
Not only does the M2 Hive provide your home with Wi-Fi connectivity like never before, it also grants you greater control on how many people are using the Wi-Fi and how much bandwidth devices are using so your network runs as you want it to. That means when you say Bedtime, you can mean it. Also, limiting speed means that your kids can access Google, but not Netflix; great for when they should be studying. And as for your new neighbors who have been hogging your bandwidth since they moved in, they will no longer be a problem.





Break through walls with our Wi-Fi nodes
Don’t worry we’re not inviting the Hulk to smash down your walls, there’s a lot simpler way of getting Wi-Fi in every room in your house. Our Bee nodes are small devices that you can plug into any socket. They give you a range of up to 5,000 square feet and travel through walls which means you’ll have a stable connection wherever you are.



To install the system, just plug the power cable (black) into the wall socket and plug in the internet cable (red) into your home's internet access port and you're good to go!



Oh, and don’t worry we’re not leaving anyone out. M2 Hive is compatible with most socket variations and we will be shipping to most countries.