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RE: Draconian Conditions Layed Out By Ecuador For Restoring Julian Assange's Freedoms

in #wikileaks3 years ago

Gov of Ecuador - reserves the right to decline or cancel any authorization at any time, even for those who have been previously authorized as a frequent visitor.

So by manipulating the circle jerk of politics they (i.e c.i.a and m.i.5 etc etc) can basically monitor, background check and then perpetually track anyone that wants to visit Assange .. and then tell the embassy to retract the invitation at any time? What a trade eh? Who the hell is going to go for that? Basically just another way of continuing his confinement but masking it under the "if you have nothing to hide" bullshit that plagues our society .. what a joke!


You're right on the money, they want to access to all of Assange's friends and associates and to all their devices (their contacts, personal data, msgs. photos, call records,etc) so they can profile, intimidate and silence them as well. It is a joke!

And yes, it seems very clear that they will hide behind a paper thin veneer of humanitarianism and civility while imposing even stricter conditions upon dissenters.

Visitors could always use a different device with a different SIM to what they normally use. That would be one way around it the demand for device information.