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These guys are just crazy!

These peculiar creatures are some very wild & strange friends to have. In a lot of ways, this one looks more like a snapping turtle than a mammal.

From living in burrows to potentially carrying leprosy, there is a lot to learn about the Armadillo. If you’d like to hear a bit more about what I share on this animal, just check out the video below.

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



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Dude, as always remarkable content! I wouldn't dare sich a creature and the fact that you can hold it up like that drives shivers down my spine!

Wow, thanks for the encouragement!

Wow! That's one cool looking animal! Note to self: when lifting a armadillo never hold his ass towards your face 💩

Have a nice day and remember.. GoCoconuts

Those snapping turtles are hideous looking things haha, they look like maniacs. The black rat snakes remind me of nothing that I have seen in Australia apart from red belly black snakes.

Great posts wild man!

I get some good variety! Glad you like them!

Wow! That's one cool looking animal! Note to self: when lifting a armadillo never hold his ass towards your face 💩

Have a nice day and remember.. GoCoconuts

It's rare to find an armadillo here in Malaysian, definitely a cute creature! Didn't know they have Hair growing from their Belly

Yeah, they are pretty crazy for a mammal!

Wow! That's one cool looking animal! Note to self: when lifting a armadillo never hold his ass towards your face 💩

Have a nice day and remember.. GoCoconuts

Thanks! I appreciate it!

You got a freaking zoo in your backyard with all these animals. I can't wait to see you ride that giraffe, with an eagle on your arm.

Soon enough my friend! Soon enough!

Sometimes Silly Questions come into my HEAD ! Do YOU have your Own PRIVATE ZOO or How Do you manage to be with So many Strange Animals ??? LOVE TO KNOW @papa-pepper...

I spend a lot of time in the wild, as do they.

the only animal that very scary for me is the Armadillos because it's the only known other animals besides humans to host the leprosy bacillus.

I believe that sloths and chimpanzees can also carry some form of leprosy.

yes definitely, but Armadillos cause spike in leprosy cases in Florida for the pass 2 years. Experts said they believe the spike is because of people coming into contact with armadillos.

I read somewhere a long time ago that because armadillos have litters of 4 genetically identical babies of the same gender, they provide the perfect animal for leprosy research.

i have to get my passport first then i go travel In the jungle

You really should!

Pretty good post @papa-pepper!
I just wanted to know one thinhg:

How much you had to pay due to convince him to poop in front of the camera?


Yeah, I saw that poop too.

Nice meme!

they make a delicious meal in the caribbean, in fact one of the more expensive "wild meat" as the islanders would say

I have not tried yet, but I know people who have.

cool, now i remerber that i got some pictures like those, thank you :p im following u

I really like your posts, and also I am very fond of your submission video. Allow me to take it.

I have never seen that before! Wow

Now you have! Did you like it?

Yeah. I think they're cute. Do they belong to possum family?

He was looking a little agitated, do they attack with those mean looking claws or will he just run?

I think that they are mostly runners.

That thing is actually super cute when you aren't making it shit itself at 20 seconds into the video!!! lol

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Such a cute creature naw

They are kind of cute. Thank you.

Oh my gosh, I don't think I have ever seen them in real life before and here you are, just holding one. That's kinda awesome :-)

They are interesting. I've caught them in three states now.

crazyy totally:-)
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Thanks for all of that!

Wow! That's one cool looking animal! Note to self: when lifting a armadillo never hold his ass towards your face

Have a nice day and remember.. GoCoconuts @redfishpclef redfishpclef

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing

Glad you liked it. Thanks!

nice papa :)

Never seen such animal before... U are amazing @papa-pepper... Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for checking it out.

Never really looked at one that close up. We don't have these in my area. It sure is nervous that you have a hold on it though.

Yeah, they don't like people holding them so much.

Cute and nice animal...

Oh Si, el hermoso y humilde cachicamo.

Mmm, nice animal) Looks like an armored piggy haha :)

That they do.

Oh, another installment, that's great! :D

We see these guys in Florida all the time, but never considered scratching their hairy bellies. They (Park Rangers) say that it is really a species of South American Armadillo that we have, that originally escaped from the Barnum & Bailey circus that used to winter in Tampa.

Oh no! Escaped from the circus!!!

That's right, there's monkeys in Florida too, that were left on their own after episodes of Tarzan were filmed with Jonny Weissmuller back in what, the 1930's?

Have you checked the IDs of your Arkansas armadillos? Oh yeah, they're Texan.

Great Armadillo Video :D :D Will follow you to watch your latest videos.

Enjoy it. I'll keep them coming!

Armadillos are pretty cool little creatures, good thing Mother Nature gave thema natural body-armor!

My dad used to have an armadillo as a pet, someone told him you could catch leprosy from them just as you mentioned but since he had been found as a baby and raised by humans there's no way we thought he'd make it in the wild. Loved this post as usual!

Just remember, you can also catch leprosy from people! 😎

That's why I keep them at bay too muahaha lol☺️

Very unusual animal, children will like :)

I have never seen an armadillo only in National Geography documentaries.Are they related to pangolins????

These are such fun animals. We just got one last month for a buddy in Arizona to use in his live animal shows.

Cool. Your buddy does live animal shows?

Yea, he does schools, libraries, and churches mainly. I have been trying to get him to get on youtube but I am not sure what he is waiting for.

That's awesome man! You just avoided an armadillo mess too! Lol. I didn't know they had those in Arkansas. Dang that place has everything! Haha. Great Post @papa-pepper!

It does have a lot of animals to offer! We are blessed!

Good for you guys. It's great to see a happy family. I mean what more could you ask for?

Wow, you chose the weirdest of all !!!

He was pretty weird! Strange creatures.

I kinda want to tickle that little guy when you were holding on to it, but your got a lot of animals there lol

I never tried to tickle one yet. Good idea.

Thank you very much for this post. I have followed and upvoted, please do the same thing for me to help each other.

We got one of these that's made a home under the stairs outside we just leave him be he ain't hurting anybody

Yeah, they are not too ferocious or anything.

Yeah him and the cat used to not get along but I think they made friends now

Another great wild-man post @papa-pepper. Thanks to @thelivingpoet for the encouragement

Cool, nice to see you checking it out!

hope you didn't eat this one, i find them kinda cute and humourous

Am I seeing things or did you scare the shit out of that armadillo...literally? :-) Tell me why possums play possum and if you can make one faint dead in it's tracks I will give you my $1 in steem power.

I can make an Eastern Hognose Snake play possum, I'll have to check on the possum though.

I once made a possum go full "possum" when I caught him on my back porch by turning a bright light on. Truly an amazing thing to see live. It actually scared the shit out of me! :-)

Wow! How cool he is.

Indeed! I agree!

Super cool, an armadillo! It's one of my favorite animals with the letter 'A' after the aardvark. Of course, there are people in certain parts of the world that avoid armadillos like the plague due to fear of contracting leprosy, but I think they're pretty awesome - all armored up and ready to chill in burrows. Always look forward to meeting your wild friends every day Papa!

LOL, pretty strong feet. You could feel the vibrations in the video. I would have loved to see it roll in a ball or dig an instant burrow........

i like ur glasses :D

Me too! Thanks.

ur welcome papa

Woww first time I see this animal!! Awesome!! Thanks for sharing... Resteem

I know that guy))