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If the Triceratops was a beetle, this would be it!

The Ox Beetle (Strategus aloeus) is one huge crazy bug! It is a member of the Rhinoceros Beetle family, and it is impressive to meet in person.

This individual happens to be a "major male." The "minor males" only have the front horn and lack two in the rear. Some people actually keep them as pets, and they can live for up to six months.

The Ox Beetle starts out as a grub and lives underground, where it mostly eats roots. Once they emerge and turn into a beetle, they will eat flowers and fruit. Since they are nocturnal, they hide underground during the day by burying themselves in the sand. We found this one at night, when it was attracted to a porch light. For more information about the Ox Beetle, check out my video.

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



Obviously, we are having a lot of fun in South Texas. We are about to head out to South Padre Island to see what we can find in the sea. I'll be back later, and we'll keep you posted.

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That is definitely the coolest of The Beatles. I stare in awe every time I run into one!

Do you catch all of these?
This would scare me. I wouldn't be able to touch the beetle, I would be scared it would bite me, But I suppose that if you know a lot about the insects and animals you probably know if they are poisonous or not.

I do catch them all. I am just more careful with the dangerous ones.

What a daily pleasure discovering creatures that i have never seen in my life thanks to you @papa-pepper!
You rock as usual!

That is a really big beetle,never seen one like that before. The horn makes it look like a rhinoceros :)Thank you for sharing

Impressive Bettle! I like the nature :D

This is amazing.

I hate bugs. All kind of bugs 😃

Waaaoooo you are very Brave papa-pepper ,that beetle is very huge

Used to get another variant of the Rhino beetles in Tennessee, but I don't think I kept any pictures. Nice shots.

I have yet to see one of these beauts in person! So lovely, they have always fascinated me :)

nice post
upvote + Resteem your post @papa-pepper

Those beets havryslways fascinated me thanks for the info
Have fun on the island

hahaha funny post

Here we are (4.5")

You are always Genius ...Brilliant from u again..

Lol, thanks for letting me know.

Sir, i am your big fan. Watched almost videos from youtube. The people like u are the inspiration to me.
Pls have a look my recent post of travel. It will kind for me.

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this is an awesome post! thanks for sharing @papa-pepper

Some people actually keep them as pets, and they can live for up to six months.

Welp, this isn't one for the kids, lol.

Now those I've seen- we have them in Arkansas. If you like unusual insect life, you should check out Vietnam. I think they have species that haven't been identified yet.

This is amazing

That is a neat looking beetle.

Here you go!
See my previous comment on this post if your confused. :)

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Have a great day!

I guess the pepper didn't see this?

If you did a see it, hope you enjoyed it! @papa-pepper

Very cool bug. @erin-michiels was looking over my shoulder when I was watching this and did not like it. LOL She was pretty wigged out.

Wow a OX BEETLE never seen one before, Triceratops was always my favorite dinosaur love it :)

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I always liked beetles as a kid but I never found any like this. I can't imagine how it got out of a cardboard box!!