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This is one of my favorite snakes!

The Red-Bellied Snake AKA Firebelly AKA Northern Redbelly Snake (Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata) is a beautiful little snake in the Colubridae family. Ever since I was a little boy, I have enjoyed finding these incredible creatures.

These small snakes only grow to about a foot in length, though most individuals will be smaller. As you can see in the photo above, they can vary in color from dark gray to brown, but it is their underbelly from which they receive their names.

Underneath, the Red-Bellied Snakes are a beautiful orange in color. Another interesting thing about this species is that they give live birth, and the babies come out of thin membranes rather than actual eggs which would have to incubate prior to hatching. Amazingly, @papa-pepper actually has some original video footage of that too!


The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.



If you enjoyed this video, please consider thanking @thelivingpoet for encouraging me to make it!

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Ok this is a live snake I would actually consider handling. I can't believe I just said that but it's true.

I think that there are others... I'll see what I can bring over next time!

Lol. I'm afraid you're going to bring one and leave it! Maybe we should come to YOUR place next time, that way the snakes can stay where they are happy, healthy and safe from big scaredy cats like me with shovels.

I know if it's not venomous there is nothing to worry about, I mean what's the worst a snake could do, bite my face? It's just a fear I have yet to overcome. I wouldn't think twice about casting a demon out of a possessed person but pick up a live snake, hold up a minute, can we talk about this first. Lol.

I feel like I could maybe handle these smaller guys. Some of the snakes you catch freak me out!

Very cute and scary snakes,im realy scared of scares me so much..maybe im afraid of their venom.

These ones have no venom and have not tried to bite either. Not so scary really.

Ohw..they are not biting? you are very careful to them,they know that its a friend..😊

Watching them emerge from their sacs was pretty amazing! I have never seen that process before!

Yeah, it was super cool to catch on camera.

Great vid! I'm like Indiana Jones with snakes. Doesn't matter the size I'm like a snake phobe

I am glad that you still watched the video. Thanks!

Ohh God, I hate snakes! The're just so weird and they look so scary! But those friends of yours there @papa-pepper looks friendly!

They were friendly, and we had no problems interacting with one another.

@papa-pepper I like your postam, but I am afraid of snake

Watching you handling those snakes ...and my gut tells me to shout out " run pepper run"

once a snake bit me , I was hospitalized for 3 days and it was not even a real one.....stupid snake ( cant trust animals with tongues poking out of their mouth )

Ouch! Sounds horrible... do you know what species it was?

not after getting bit once .......I was not gonna stand their a second more to see what specie it belonged to .......I ran like a bitch from there :D!!

but i do know something very venomous my poem entry in your wild and strange competition
:D depths a minnow will go to promote a post :D

Really I am scared of snakes
You handling snakes !!
I can not do this..
Thanks for sharing ..
Scary but useful as I did not see like this small snakes before..
Wish you a great saturday..

Woow great post, Those animals are wonderful, thanks for sharing with the community!

Damm i would like to meet you and learn some of your wild interesting life. Looks like you have a zoo? I have seem diff videos of you of diff animals.

No, I just spend a lot of time in the wild.... there are a lot more animals there than at the zoos anyway. Thanks for asking!

Love your snake posts. Always had a lot of respect for snakes, but were afraid of them as their afraid of me. I have a few garter snakes here of all sizes but never picked one up. Maybe I'll try with a baby, just don't want to hurt it.

Aren't Red bellied snakes poisonous? They are here in Australia. Where you from papa-pepper?? 😎

Poisonous means they will cause harm if eaten. Venomous means they will cause harm if bitten by them. In the video he stated they are non-venomous. You may have a different species in Australia.

No, not poisonous or venomous. In the United States, state of Wisconsin at the moment.

Thanks for Replying papa-pepper I know you must be busy. We have a lot of poisonous and venomous creatures here in Australia, I think the most in the world 😎 Take care 👍

Nice look chap need some of those here to chop on the slugs. Good to be back been offline last moth.

Hey, @papa-pepper! The clip showing the baby snakes emerging from their membrane sacs was awesome! Thanks for posting. Your posts are always informative and entertaining.

Amazing post i like and voted thank you.

Snakes are deadly, i really cant handle them the way you do.Nice post all the same, it was quite informative

That video of them emerging from their sacs was very cool. :D I've never seen a snake coming out of their sac or giving birth before, really quite awesome to see. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Have an awesome day! :D

You are great .i like this photo. i am big fan wild-man. i always see the tv of the wild man episode.


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I saw a small snake about 8" inches long in the middle of the street 2 days ago. It was dark outside about 9:30 pm at night, so i'm lucky i even saw him or her. I picked up a stick and gently picked up the snake and put it in the grass away from the street. In my mind, all animals deserve to be treated like i would want to be treated. Thanks for the post.

Wow....!! How easily and unconcerned he grabs them. I would not even touch one. I'm very afraid of them.

I love the snakes! So cool!

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That was my favorite part!

laughed my a$$ off on that one !! and someone upvoted it too!!