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Time to join in! Attention all singers, rappers, and those who just like to have fun! The SBD from this post is on the line!

Round 4 of Season X of my WILD & STRANGE Contest has officially ended! It’s time to grab the mic and rock it for a chance to win some of that SBD everyojne is talking about! The grand prize for this round will be the SBD portion of the payout from this post. Who is in?

Here is the progression that this contest follows.

ROUND 1 = PHOTO – Take a photo to enter – COMPLETED

ROUND 2 = ART – Use winning photo from Round 1 to make a piece of art – COMPLETED

ROUND 3 = MEME – Use winning art from Round 2 to make a meme – COMPLETED

ROUND 4 = POETRY – Use winning meme from Round 3 to make a poem - COMPLETED

ROUND 5 = SONG – Use winning poem from Round 4 to make an original song. - STARTING NOW


In Round 1, @dwells won the photo contest with this incredible entry! He even made an inspirational GIF.

In Round 2, @allstarrunner tool the lead when he created this incredible artwork, which was the background for our meme contest last round.


Then, in our third round @thomhoglen took the meme contest with this gem! I thought it would inspire come great poetry, and it certainly did!



Which poem from Round 4 will we have to make a song for Round 5?

"Steem Spam Warrior" by @clayboyn

Steem Spam Warrior! Has come to save the day,

Fighting all the spam, showing us the way.

Steem Spam Warrior! Has a mighty fierce gaze,

Axe and sword in hand, his hair a fiery blaze.

Steem Spam Warrior! Moves faster than light,

Concealed by his cape like a ghost in the night.

Steem Spam Warrior! The bane of all the thieves,

Fighting plagiary and those that would deceive.

Steem Spam Warrior! With his all seeing eyes,

His justice is swift and needs no disguise.

WINNER : @clayboyn

More tough choices and a hard time judging. Some others were close, but the wordsmith @clayboyn took it!

A big thanks to everyone who entered last round. That was another fantastic bunch of poetry to sort through!

Here are the rules for Round 5:

  • Create an original song based on the winning poem from @clayboyn.
  • The song must include the lyrics in the poem, in order.
  • Additional lyrics can be added, but all the lyrics in the poem must appear in your song, in order.
  • Enter original work and provide your entry in a reply to this post.
  • You can still make a post out of your entry, but your post does not count as an entry, only your reply.
  • Keep everything kid-friendly and G rated.
  • You must enter by midnight this Sunday (CST) in order for your entry to be considered valid.
  • By entering, you are giving me full permission to use your entry however I wish.

C'mon all of you singers, songwriters, and rappers out there, now is your chance to have some fun, show off your skills, and possibly earn some SBD in the process!

The winner from this round will be awarded the SBD from this post payout, and I’m looking forward to your entries.

Until next time…

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GIF provided by @orelmely



Congrats @clayboyn!! Well done!

I have a nice idea.
Now when you have written this song, you dress up in the outfit from @dwells, you sing and record this song and post the video. :)
Actually, that would make a great Round6.

LOL The music video round? Maybe Quentin Tarantino will direct it Kill Bill style.

Wow that's awesome @papa-pepper. I was listening to some rock music that night and had one of those old power metal anthems in my head. Thanks so much for the opportunity and I'm glad you liked it!

Just waiting on the payout to get you your SBD!

Here it is

I had to finish this tonight! @dwells this is all for you bro! Thanks @papa-pepper for the chance to cut up with yall! Hope you like it! Shalom

That was awesome! We all three watched it. Eli started singing along with you on the last chorus.

Glad you liked it! You were the inspiration!!

I might have to see if I can find some screamo rock music and enter this myself.

You spelled his name wrong. It's papa-pepper. You won't win calling him by the wrong name. Lol.

thanks for the heads up! I changed it!

After a little brainstorming, and hiding out in the nursery, I finally have a hat to toss in the ring...

Awesome! This is a really good interpretation :)

Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it. :D

Hello @papa-pepper
I believe musicians and rappers will enjoy this contest. @clayboyn wrote a beautiful poem, a beautiful music would be made from it. I wish i could participate but I believe frog croaks cant be called music. 😁 May the worst musician or rapper win


Wow almost like ancient Rome here haha this is awesome and your contest here are probably the most evergreen contest I ever seen.

Congrats @clayboyn. It was definately a hard flow to follow.

Can we have multiple entry?

As many times as you want!

Hang on! I'm fixn to drop somethin'..stay tuned!

Good to know!

That gif was awesome he looks like a warrior from Skyrim hahahaha!!

@papa-pepper Fun contest! I wonder if Steemit has a hidden gem, talented person... lol Best wishes to all :) - @splendorhub

Congrats, @clayboyn! It's time to ge to work now. :D

your creativity juat awesome...best of luck...

I believe you want to include the entry in this reply - according to papa-pepper:

Enter original work and provide your entry in a reply to this post.
You can still make a post out of your entry, but your post does not count as an entry, only your reply.

In order to get the sound cloud to embed, when you click on share, do not use that first link that pops up (the one you have here). Instead, see the tabs accross the top, click on embed. Then copy and paste the iframe text into this reply box. That way we can listen to the song without leaving steemit!

Good luck!

Thanks a lot!!! I’ve been looking for a way to embed the link for a while now. Thanks once again

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