Kayaking Next To Whales

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Hello fellow Steemians, as I am a "photomanipulationholic", you will see a piece of art created by me merging some different pictures!

This is the second part of WILD & STRANGE CONTEST by @papa-pepper!

And... Here is the final result of the photo manipulation!

Fast explaination, how i did it

I use photoshop to design everything based on pixels and illustrator just for vectors, logos or huge signs. So in our case, I use photoshop with few layers. Every picture has its layer for better controlling and the first three layers are the same object but a bit blurred to give motion on the human. On the other layers, I did some changes like brightness contrast saturation curves to and tones to make them kinda same and easy to merged.

Which pictures i used and what I had to care about!

These are the pictures that I used to create the final result. The hardest part is to find pictures with the same perspective and put the correct direction on highlights and shadows, therefore you will have a realistic image. I hope you like it, for me was really cool and happy every moment during I was designing this:) If you want to ask anything about photoshop, I ll be happy to help you!

Image source: main,kayak,whale,clouds,clouds2

The original photo is by @truconspiracy, the winner of the contest's step one!

100 % own work


As a "photomanipulationholic" you did excellent!

Thank you very much @papa-pepper! the "excellent" that you wrote, is blurring on my eyes! :)

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made me want to reinstall photshop. just for the giggs.

nice job.

@skapaneas Haha do it for sure! I just took my old empty canvas and my "tools" because of your posts! Digital or not everything has its beauty!

Good luck. :)

Thank you very much!!!!

Shit. That's a crazy combination of photos XD

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