Valle Reale Vigneto di Popoli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2010 - Wine

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Vigneto Di Popoli - horiz.jpg

You've heard me talk about Eataly, a few times already. We went back in April and are still consuming a few of the items purchased there including this particular bottle of red wine.

Made from the Montepulciano grape, this Italian wine was such a deep red, it was almost black when trying to see through it. While I found it to be fairly smooth, my friend thought it was too heavy.

The flavor changed depending on the food and temperature. We chilled it after we drank for the first glass to see what would happen. Much better.

The suggested foods for this wine is red meat, pork and pasta. No doubt.

If you like this type of wine, it was relatively inexpensive... Just around $15 per bottle.

You might like it if you're into Malbecs, but not Pinot Noirs.

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My opinion. What Italian wines are very good. Do not compare with the Moldovan and Bulgarian wines, which sell in stores. Italian wines are very difficult to buy. Thank you for the stature that you shared.

I love wine, too. I like white wine more. But red wine is the most beneficial for health. Even doctors recommend drinking a glass of red wine every day. Red wine has a rejuvenating effect.

You already know about wine and it's very economical that $ 15

I am full lover of red wine.

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15 $ the price of this wine, it's really cheap

It is very good that vinotinto and better when it is very cold

wine must be very exquisite, all its flavor varies by different factors, but it is still a good wine

Nice post my dear friend

The Tasty Wine

Made from the Montepulciano grape, this Italian wine was so intense red that it was almost black when trying to see through it.

Wow I imagined the super intense red color that red wine should have.

My friend how are you, I have become curious for the wines thanks to your reviews I am curious to try a good wine with a delicious food, I would like to drink it very cold it is a pity that in Venezuela everything is so expensive that I can not enjoy a bottle of wine and tell you my experience
That intense red color of wine I adore

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That sounds like it would go best with heavier food.

Hmm. I would pass on this one too. Summertime is coming and I'll stick to white wine and Pinots.

How are you today?

I would like to try some Italian wine, I have only tried Chilean wine, nothing else, and I think something that they are preparing here in my country I hope to be able to do it later and I will have this recommendation in mind @altportal

When I saw the color of the wine when it was in the glass, I thought it was a bit strong, it's a bit dark but it's probably good as you say. I've heard that Italian wines are good, of course I've never tried one, you just say they're good for foods