Making winter pretty! It's a must this time of year!

in #winter4 years ago (edited)


I get a little sluggish this time of year. It's nearing the end of winter and I'm done with being in the house with the windows shut tight. Oh, I open one here and there but it's cold and it doesn't stay open too long.

The window at the salon I go to always makes me think about how a small thing can shift my mood and take me out of that gloomy mood. I always look forward to seeing their decorative window. It's different every time I go there.

Earlier in the week, I went there for a haircut. This time, the small window had just enough light coming through from the road and was adorned with hanging snowflakes and a few clear ornaments with illusions of small fluffy snowdrifts in them.

Brighten up the cold and dark when you can and take what is gloomy and find just that little bit of beauty and cheer. Before you know it, the warm sun will shine and snap you out of that sluggish mood to a much joyful mood! Spring is on the way!