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Hello dear Steem friends

Do you know how big the biggest snowflake ever was? Would you have thought it was 38 cm tall? I read that in a newspaper and didn't really want to believe it 😅. I would be interested to know how heavy it was and what it looked like. Whether a human or animal was showered by this snowball? Maybe he looked like this dog and wondered what was that coming from above so cold and big?


Look, I made a little buttercream cake for Christmas. I bought the figures on it at Penny's. Do you like it?



This was my Christmas tree for December 2020.


I've had my little tree for over a year now. I decorated it for Christmas last year.

I think it's great and environmentally friendly not to cut down a new tree every year and besides, I read that the Christmas trees you can buy like this are sprayed enormously. Now I understand why there are organic fir trees. They probably spray them so that all kinds of little animals don't crawl around in the flat and so that the tree is nice and straight. But I would prefer crooked things before you have a chemical cloud in your flat.
And I don't like plastic trees. I got one from my neighbour the year before last, I used it, but I don't really like it and it has dangerous iron spikes that can poke out your eyes if you're not careful.
A few days ago I took down the Christmas decorations from my little fir tree 😂. I actually wanted to put it back out in the cold after a few days so that it wouldn't get used to the flat, which is too warm for it, because I thought it wouldn't survive otherwise. But I noticed that he really liked it in the flat and so I left him in the flat because I also like it so much when it's Christmassy. The last few days, fresh needle tips have even sprouted, I think he means it's spring now.


Now I have my little tree in the cellar, I think it's doing well.


When it gets warmer outside and it's spring, I'm not going to bring it back outside until then, just like the other plants, because I don't think the stark difference would have been beneficial. Because a few days ago it was freezing cold and there were snow mountains and snow storms.






Now it's warmer already, that's probably why, because I heard on the radio that air currents were moving over from Spain. I thought that was strange because I believed that there was still snow chaos in Spain. But then I saw online that the weather in Spain is already 13°C again. It's a pity, now almost all the snow has thawed here too, there's not much snow left.

Here you can see where my tree was in summer, in late autumn I put it against the house wall where it was a bit protected.


My Christmas cactus flowered at Christmas :)


I didn't really start baking biscuits until January, because that's when I really had time. I made vanilla crescents and butter biscuits with cookie cutters.




Bye, see you soon, have a nice week :D

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Thank you so much for inviting me :)) I have watched all your great videos. Your chinchillas are so adorable and beautiful 😍 I think they are very comfortable in their beautiful playhomehouse.

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