WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next 3 days @ 28 May 2021 - $530 to be won

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Still in transition mode to the 3 day listing.

I didn't get any feedback so I guess everyone was happy with adding the extra day's worth of contests to give more time for entering.

Will be finalising the new lists over the weekend so there are still a reduced number on these listings. Full power will be restored shortly.

In the meantime enjoy these 31 contests with over 900 STEEM to be won.




There are plenty of great contests with plenty of great prizes.

So get entering now and #winwithsteem !

If you are running a contest that you would like to be included in these daily posts, add the link and details in a comment below. Make sure you clearly state the closing date.

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


Nice work! You just got yourself a $3.81 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

I love the three day contest posting. Some of us are workers and we found it really difficult to follow up with just two days.
There are days when I will come and see a contest and do it only to be told it was past deadline.

I applaud your good works. Thank you

Thank you for the feedback.

I am still adjusting to capture all the extra contests - but it should be back up to full strength in a few days.

Thanks for mentioning my contest ... Always an honor.

You are welcome.