WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next two days @ 17 May 2021 - $600 to be won

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Another new week, and a whole lot more contests coming up!

There are 43 contests ready to go for Monday and Tuesday, with almost 900 STEEM to be won.

At the current price of STEEM, that's over $600 for the lucky winners.

Keep on contesting, keep on winning with Steem...



There are plenty of great contests with plenty of great prizes.

So get entering now and #winwithsteem !

If you are running a contest that you would like to be included in these daily posts, add the link and details in a comment below. Make sure you clearly state the closing date.

[ graphic by @pennsif ]


Contests are one of the way to make Steemit more engaging and interesting. Thank you for your effort in compiling all the contest. Keep up the good work.

Competitions add enormous power to the steem blockchain.

The prize amount for my daily contest is 5 Steem. In addition, I give 100% upvote with 15.8K SP for the posts of the winning contestants in the last 5 days.

Thank you for regularly informing users about the competitions.

Competitions are some of the best ways to generate interest. Totally agree. I'm super competitive


You are doing great work to promote steemit news . Keep up it .

I am requesting you to add our World Of Cricket and Zero To Infinity Community Contest to your Steem News and we will be very grateful to you for that.

The admins and moderators of our community are working hard to improve that community. Hopefully, you will support us by publishing the announced contests of our World Of Cricket and Zero To Infinity community in your Steem News list .

Thank you

Hello @pennsif, thanks for the update always.

Please market promo contest is rolling out for week 2 and hope you feature it for me. Thanks, please find the link

Good information. Greetings

Cool to see some competitions!

Every day there is an opportunity to create great, quality content. Let's join STEEM Literacy. Thank you.