Eclectic Rant to Sooth the Soul...

in #wisdom3 months ago

Hello everybody... How the hell are ya?

Personally, I'm doing fine these days, even though the entire world (with few exceptions) has been straining under the oppressive thumb of tyrannical rulers, hidden within shadows.

Those people that you see out front posing as strong, tough leaders are actually weak, little puppets doing the bidding of the true manipulators.

What seems apparent, many of these, so-called leaders we see and hear on a daily basis, angrily growling orders to their peasant followers, actually believe they are one of the valued insiders.

Woe unto them, I say... for if they fail, their masters will crush them as quickly as they would an annoying ant upon a crumb of bread...

Should these talking heads actually help to bring about the chaos desired by the hidden... rather than reap rewards, in praise; they will be cast aside like irksome, little weeds.

Now that I've gotten the less important stuff out of the way; how are you my friends...???

Of course I wish you well in your quest for peace and tranquility. If there is peace and tranquility in your life, then everything you need
exists within.

I think I'll go now... Maybe I'll be back later... Maybe I won't...???


@AngryMan - Re-Broadcasting on Steemit, Jan. 30, 2021

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