Important update for Wise Beta Testers: ⚠️ Please upgrade your wise-cli before tomorrow ⚠️ 3.0.5 released.

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EDIT: This post is about new version of Wise, that is v3.0.5. Unfortunately after a release of 3.0.5 we found a bug. We already have a fix for that, but before we will release new version we need a little more time, to perform additional testing, to avoid similar situations in the future.

Because tomorrow at 2018-12-07 23:00:00 UTC Steemit will change their RPC api to hivemind, we needed to introduce some changes to few Wise libraries as well.

What does it mean for Wise users?

Hivemind deprecates some of the RPC functions, (like get_blog) which are used by some of the Wise rules. We plan to support hivemind, but at this moment, to provide seamless transition for our users we decided to switch the default API to before hivemind is introduced.

BTW, if you are not voting for @anyx for a witness, in our opinion you should really consider doing that!

What do you have to do?

  • Wise HUB ( users: We handle everything for you👨‍💻💪. You can relax 🍹😌🌴.

  • Those, who run the daemon on their own, who use wise cli or who use wise core library: you have to update it to version 3.0.5 (both steem-wise-core and steem-wise-cli).

How to update my daemon?

Please do not upgrade yet.
We found a bug, therefore we advise to wait for a release of v3.0.6
  1. Stop running instance of the daemon.
  2. Update the cli tool by: npm install -g st[email protected]
  3. Restart the daemon with wise daemon command.

Note: If you are using docker to run the daemon: pull the sources from master branch and restart the daemon.

Small new feature 🎁

To avoid a need of similar updates in the future we have also introduced a new option available in the CLI tool: you can now specify steem api manually.

steemApi: in config.yml



WISE_STEEM_API: in docker-compose.

Detailed Change Log

Wise CLI

Bug Fixes
  • set defaultSyncStartBlockNum in init config (1fde6a4)
  • use the steemApi config option (37b0176)
  • missing npm and PR badge (6799fa1)
  • repair invisible badges (e327ceb)
  • update cli for new version of core (c73efcb)
  • add config option for steem api (55594b3)
  • add wise-ci template to Dockerfile (fc8c935)
  • exclude node_modules from docker build (e0deaf5)
  • update nodeJS to 10 (f0d4edc)
  • update sql schema to https (82ab266)
  • update steem-wise-core to 3.0.4 (ce2d889)
  • upgrade legacy Synchronizer to SingleDaemon (5cf9bea)

Whole diff between v1.2.1 and v3.0.5

Wise Core


Final release of Wise in the beginning of next week? :) Stay tuned, @wise-team :)


any update about your project @wise-team?

yours, Piotr

Hi Piotr :) What we already did was an MVP: quick development that allowed us to test the idea. Now we are working on a serious release. So we are not creating any new features, but fixing bugs, improving stability, adding healthchecks and monitoring, writing many tests and refactors to increase maintainability of the code. We are treating Wise as en enterprise-grade project, that is why we are putting so much effort into this hidden work. You can watch our proggress in our public boards: and . We also invite you to our discord: The #wise channel is the best source of fresh updates and talks about wise :D

Dear @jblew

Thank you for your kind reply.

I presume you're somehow related to wise-pl project?

ps. would you consider using enter sometimes to separate blocks of text? it would make reading much easier :)

Piotr (also from Poland :)

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