TRONCRYPTO smart contract is a platform which allows you earn TRON and you trade them for instant cash any day anytime.

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Tron is cheap now fast platform for doing transaction.


There are three major structures under the TRONCRYPTO network namely:

  1. 👉TC1
  2. 👉TC2
  3. 👉TC3

The TC1 TRONCRYPTO runs on a 3 by 1 matrix while the TC2 TRONCRYPTO runs on a 2 by 4 matrix.

Earnings on the TC1 matrix are strictly through direct referrals while earnings.

In the TC2 matrix occurs either through team building, spillovers or overflows.

TC3 All participants in your slots of Packages are directly placed by system on the basis of Autofill.

What this means is that members who get referrals will earn on both the TC1 and TC2 TRONCRYPTO where as members not having direct referrals/don't refer anyone to the platform can earn through TC2 & TC3

You earn TRON through this platform through 3 main ways:

  1. Spillovers
  2. Overflows
  3. Referrals

And the higher you grow the more massive and huge your profit are and increases cause it has different levels that pays you more/earn you more tron.

This is a smart contract created on a blockchain and it is transparent for everyone, it's 100% scam free because it is base on the smart contract blockchain which cannot be changed, hack or removed...

Most interesting part is TC3 contract...details below:


This section is what makes this platform unique from other smart contracts, It has 3 slots where by all the participant in your slots of TC3 are directly placed by the system on the basis of autofill.
Meaning the system will be the one to give you referral on this section whether you are referring or not,if you can refer its a plus for you. This is done to curb the issue of those that are not good in referring, so far new members are joining the platform, you will surely get down lines regardless of whom is recruiting, maybe your upline or anyone on tronship, so far people are joining the platform you will surely get your downlines but it is done on a first come first served basis, 100% of first two slots goes to you while the 3rd is for reinvest but your upline won't be the one to earn the profit like the TC1 reinvest, it will go directly to the latest person that registered who hasn't benefited from the autofill system. Meaning if Mr A registered 4days before you registered and you are Mr D, before Mr D can benefit this, then Mr A,B,C has already gotten their down lines before it will get to Mr D unless only if Mr D upgrade to the next level before Mr A, and the bonus is coming from that level Mr D upgraded too and Mr A is yet to upgrade to that level which means Mr D will be the first to benefit from the bonus. So it is advisable to register on time most especially for those that can't refer and you want to earn, which means you will be earning in two ways, spillovers from your uplines work in TC2 and auto downlines from the system in TC3.

If you have any doubts and want to earn smartly let me know.

Before this you need to followings:
a) download chrome extension -> TronLink
b) Register account put total 150 trons in TC1,TC2,TC3 with 50 each.(You need to register via my affilate link
c) You can upgrade you slots as and when you want and have enough tron to fund.
d) Auto withdrawl and no risk. TC3 is like retirement plan.

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