Revoking my witness vote for @jerrybanfield

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I did cast my witness vote to @jerrybanfield quite a long ago and today I revoked it. He also revoked his vote from me right away so I lost 1.6 GVests. That took me down from the witness rank but I can live without it.

At the time I voted him, he was not in the top 20, and I thought his unique approach for promoting Steem could have brought in some positive impacts that cannot be done by anyone else. But I have seen his activities and campaign going opposite to where I think right, and eventually posted an offensive video on Steem blockchain. I wasn't aware of the post until @arcange pinged me with the link, and I lost quite a big chunk of witness votes as well as a result.

I want Steemit to be good and healthy service for everyone including my family and friends. I am building SteemPay dreaming that Steem Dollar will replace fiat in near future. I want to be proud of myself being the Steem witness. What @jerrybanfield has done exactly vandalizes all of these.

I will continue working on the projects I have been working on as usual.
Thanks for reading my note.



Don't worry, his biggest supporter removed his proxy thru jerry, it was 1GV. You would have lost that 1GV anyways, like many have, if you noticed today's perturbation in the ranks.

Oh well, knowing that it's not that hurting now. Thanks mate!

Kudos to you for making a difficult albeit a right choice for this platform. It will hurt you in the short term but I have no doubt your brave actions and words will benefit this community as well as your position within steemit in the long run. Keep it going sir. A lot of people cheering for you.

@menerva appreciate your kind words as always!

I think that is a good decision based on steps he took in the last weeks. Keep up the good work with steempay and we will see all together a better future.

Cant agree more. Thanks for your support!

Like you, Jerry used to have my support for all the promoting he had done for steem. His actions of late would make it embarrassing if he were still one of the top 20 witnesses. Kudos to you for making the right choice even though it has cost you personally.

Thanks for your kind words @novacadian I hope we will have a proper and genuine marketing person soon again.

I believe that it was not an easy decision to make. You acted according to your conviction and did not hesitate to state your action and reasoning behind it.

You will be known as an independent, courageous witness to the Steemit community. As one of the users who assigned you as a proxy for the witness vote, I am proud of it.

Thank you for doing something that you believe to be correct.

Thanks for wording this nicely. I still think some witness with business or marketing backrgound can bring in significant impact into Steem, but Jerry is certainly not the one. Thanks for your kind support :)

Do you mind sharing what the link is about? Or the link?
I also want to be careful in making my witness votes as well.

That shouldnt be shared across the blockchain ;) you can find it in jerrybanfield's blog if you are curious enough (NSFW)

Ah! I found it. Thanks!

I am glad to have run away from him the exact moment he joined Steemit

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You must have foreseen the future mate!

gom hyung 1st witness gazua


You have my support and I think this is a mature and correct decision to revoke your witness vote. I have been targeted by some flag bots for making a comment on that sick video and I'm still trying to figure out if it's him or some fan of his that put my account on the hit list :/ I have a bounty of 100 Steem Dollars if anyone can help identify the owner of the botnet. Anyways, great move @asbear.

Sorry for belates reply. I have no life as I recently moved to another team but will come back as soon as I settle there. Largely appreciate your support @kaliju

I respect you replying even if it's days later :D Proud to have people like you as our witness. May your settlement be smooth as butter! All the best out there @asbear

How could I revoke the support for a witness?

jerrybanfield, contortionist, unvoted, @asbear voted.

:) i see through your sense of humour. Thanks for your support!

I will vote for you as a witness @asbear
It is also good that you took a stand against that Jerry.

Thank you for your support!

@asbear from one bear to another! i give you my first ever witness vote.
witnesses should be geeks who know a thing or two about security and speed. not some random promotional dude. (개발 좆도 모르는 제리따위가 상위권인건 마음이 아픕니다...)

안녕하세요 asbear님! Blockinfo입니다^^
예전부터 항상 포스팅 잘 읽고 있습니다 !

다름이 아니라 저희가 개발자 관점에서 백서를 리뷰해 주실분을 찾고 있습니다! 방송에 출연하는것이 아닌 글로 리뷰해주셔도 됩니다!

이메일주소나 텔레그램 아이디 덧글로 남겨주시면 연락드리고 싶습니다^^

늦어서 죄송합니다^^ 제가 요즘에 회사일로 너무나 시간이 없어서 추가로 일을 맏는것이 조심스럽습니다. 저보다 적합한 분께 양보하는게 좋을것 같습니다..^^

@asbear plse keep up the dedication to Steempay dev. don't be 'a lazy dev' . this project will be needed.

Sorry for no update for an while. I am a full time software developer so I have a very small timeslot to devote to this project. I would have quite my job and worked on this project if I were one of the top 20 witnesses :)

ok well i voted for you. i hope you can get round to it all again.