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RE: Witness Update - Running my own softfork (22.3)

but doesn't it bother you that they currently have the power to elect 20 new top witnesses

Not as much as the bernie group of account running the show. That group of accounts is clearly hostile toward the success of the platform. How anyone can pretend not to see that is beyond me.


Not sure what you mean. I don't think I share your perception

You believe bernie wants Steem to be a success hahahahaha
That is so funny. Good to who is working against the platform

What does bernie have to do with this?

Bernie is the Centralized Authority here and has been for longer than I have been here (3 Years)
So let me ask you, how many witness accounts does he operate?
How much Steem does he control ?

He has been leading the top 20 around by nose for far to long.
He openly states that he owns the top 20 witnesses.

Why are all of you, so afraid to call him out ?
You just go along with his EIP and Fake flag wars where he owns all the main accounts involved !!!!

And then most of you jumped at his command to provoke the situation with Justin Sun. Unbelievable