Open Letter to STINC and Everyone Else

Since we’re apparently doing open letters from witnesses because of STINC stupidity and some real professional Github trolling, let me make an official public statement for @ats-witness.

I, the owner of @ats-witness, don’t give a shit about STINC and whether or not they power down and leave. In fact, it would be great if they just quietly disappeared and never surfaced in the crypto world again. They are currently doing this blockchain and its users no favors whatsoever. In reality, their behavior and existence in general mostly just harms the image/trustworthiness of the Steem blockchain.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that STEEM and SBD prices have been rising for the past couple of days, despite the recent Steem-bubble drama. One could even argue that the prices are going up BECAUSE of the recent communications from STINC and their apparent desire to cash out.

So, this witness thinks it would be great if we didn’t litter the blockchain and its interfaces with idiotic posts about nonexistent forks and endless STINC ass-kissing that has been going on since the blockchain began. Nobody outside of our bubble here cares much about any of this. We should focus our energy on actually attracting those people, their innovations, and their monies.

That is all.

If you like my statement, approve @ats-witness as your Steem witness!


I agree with you. But I am also concerned that the recent price jump for steem is bump-and-dump. Thoughts?

Ats for president it seems.

Shit, do I have to make one, too.
I am busy!
As I am on such a low spot, I shouldn't be an open letter. More like an open note..

An open Tweet! Be innovative, bro!

An open zapp, oh wait

Agree but can't say I'm not disappointed to not see an open letter from @nedshair.

Think unless we get that. There will always be a few loose split ends.

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Neds hair is a witness?
I need to run to my voting booth!

Oh my bad. AFAIK not a witness but, if they decided to run, would probably be one of the mane witnesses that I would support.

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Because the situation isn’t hairy enough as it is.

^This guy puns. It's really something one must be conditioned for.

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My puns are just for men.

So, all T20 witnesses were forced by steemit to write that they never will do anything against their company.. That timing from all those posts seems to prove it..

No, no one was forced to write anything.

Nah, easy topic to milk from since most of them don’t post anything worth reading.

But ... but ... what about the drama?

Witnesses should have a meeting. Schedule a time and date. Make sure a hell lot of people can view it live.

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Ats for president it seems.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that STEEM and SBD prices have been rising for the past couple of days, despite the recent Steem-bubble drama.

Interesting ;-)

Korean pump also sells.

I approve of this message.
You now have my vote.

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Where does your hate for stinc come from?

I have a question and as it seems like your the only person on here to have the balls to speak out truth I want to ask you.

My money is powered up in steem power, should I power down and pop it into another wallet?
What I mean by this is my steem safe if they do decide to throw in the towel.
I don't really care right now about the value of steem as I have no interest of selling, but I also don't want to lose my steem as I feel like I have worked hard for it.

After listening to some of last night's mswaves I feel like steemit maybe through as stink has other things other that steem to work on.

As a concerned steemian I would like things to be as they were a year ago when everyone was happy, but it just seems that everyone is just getting pissed at one another over the value.

thanks in advance


There is no other wallet. STEEM is on the STEEM blockchain. Whether it is in @artonmysleeve or @blocktrades it makes no difference if a coming cease to STEEM is coming.

Whether or not stinc stays or goes, the STEEM blockchain will continue to operate as long as witnesses continue to keep their servers running. The witnesses will continue to get paid in STEEM just as they always have. I believe enough witnesses will stick around so they lights will never go out.

Steemit and @ned have a lot of STEEM that they got in the early days when they were mining it, before they started the witness way of doing things. And, this huge amount, when dumped on the market will cause a huge drop in price. But, it will not kill STEEM.

Unless @ned has a buyer, there is no way to move his stash without dropping the market.
My worry is that @ned has a buyer.

So, it is a hard decision. You stay in STEEM and ride it out. Or you power down and trade your STEEM for some other coins via (or one of the other trading platforms)

I'm stay buddy, I don't tend to go anywhere I just wanted to make sure that I didn't have to move my steem from my account somewhere else, don't want to lose it if you get me.
If @ned is selling off his steem which it seems to me like he is, and he has a buy, don't you think that the buy won't want it as the price will drop. it doesn't make sense to sell and lose all this that is going on.

Do you think stink is going to cash out everything and close the site? if so where else can I use my steem power in a fashion same as this?

thanks again.

The only thing stinc can close is

If @ned drops a ton of STEEM on the market, it usually depresses the price.
However, this will do nothing to your STEEM. It will be safe and sound.

It doesn't matter who runs, it is only one front end to the steem blockchain.

In all outcomes, your STEEM will be on the steem blockchain and only you can do anything with it. You have the private keys.
So, the only questions is whether steem will die. If steem dies, then everyone loses their steem.

If steem doesn't die, than we just use STEEM like we always have, however, the price will be much different.

STEEM does not equal "steem blockchain" does not equal ""

In the worst case, you will just have to use another front end.

I understand it better now, cheers for this.

Before finding steemit I didn't know anything about crypto, if fact I had never heard of it before, so when someone says something is happening I often find myself thinking the worst.
I know of other people how are like me and they have posted similar things asking what will happen to their crypto and no one really answers it.
Thanks again for getting back to me.

I have read a lot about “invisible large stakeholders” should STINC does an apparent power down to leave.

Part of me doubt they are capable of managing that 34M+ Steem into accounts unnoticeable by the community. Selling just seems easier.

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I agree with your sentiments.

Whether @dan sells or not, STEEM will make it through.

My biggest concern is that @dan has a deep-state buyer for his STEEM. And soon we will see MSM spouting shill orcas swimming around.

But, if @dan puts his STEEM on an exchange for us all to bid on, then... whatever.

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Nobody outside of our bubble here cares much about any of this.

So true and in that sense its time to "get out of" and invite people from elsewhere to Steem blockchain based dApps.

The hard questions are: Who is going to be motivated to pick up the codebase once they are gone, it isn't exactly well documented, self documenting.

Wait, the price is going up ... so Ned can cash out higher? Crash the fucking price so he can't get a dime I say! :D