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RE: Witness Discussion – SBD price and reverse peg

I am pro SBD-->Steem conversion.

I'm interested in the overall growth of this platform and have no issues if the short-term disruption causes people here just for the money to leave.

I'd really like the Steem blockchain to be a platform for ideas, discussion and services, and not necessarily for making a quick buck. I want vendors on a SteemBay or SteemPayPal thing to be confident in their prices, and for purchasers to want to make the purchase and not feel like they need to guess the exact right time to make their purchase. SBD was always intended to open this platform up for commerce and I don't feel like that is possible just at the moment.


For the record I want this too. I'd argue the limiting reagent is number of people in the ecosystem more than a fixed price asset.

That's fair... I understand that.
As an aside, I've voted for you for witness since I got here, and I trust that you're doing your best for the platform even if we're different sides of the argument on this one. Can I ask who a witness on the Pro side is? I'll vote for them too.

I've got an ebook that I'd eventually like to try and sell on this platform... it normally retails for $30AUD and I'd love to set a price in SBD and forget about it, so I like the idea of the conversion to try and bring SBD back down to $1 USD.

You can be here for the money and still have good genuine content to share. If this happens and I can’t make anything because of the small user base, I’m not going to work at regularly creating content anymore.

I don't think it would drastically reduce the user base significantly... people might need to work at it a little bit harder, but it should drive all the growth we've seen in SBD into Steem... so in the long run you should be much better off because commerce users will adopt the platform as well.

Why would I be better off because commerce would use it? I feel like only a very specific type of user could benefit from that. I already spend a lot of time and effort on my content anyway.

Any significant use of SBD (even if not by you) would drive capital into STEEM and drive up the STEEM price significantly, which is another way of ending up with bigger rewards to drive growth. The potential to address that market and gain enormously in STEEM market cap (and again, that means larger reward pool size) dwarfs the current (temporary and unsustainable) benefits from higher valued SBD.

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