Steem Witness Update 6/18/2018


Steem Witness Update 6/18/2018

Hi guys, I just wanted to give you a quick update regarding my witness and seed node. Although I haven't produced my first block yet, both servers have been running flawlessly for the last 7 days. My witness has also been providing an accurate price feed every hour over the last week. So things are working perfectly which is great!

According to I am currently ranked #232 and this is why I haven't produced any blocks yet. With your support via witness vote, we can speed that process up! 😉 Either way, I'm happy to be a backup witness and know that I'm supporting the blockchain.


On another note, I've been keeping an eye on the various rooms for witnesses. I try my best to stay plugged in with what's going on with the blockchain, possible updates, and what our other witnesses are up to.

How to Become a Witness?

I also recently put together a tutorial for setting up both a seed and witness server. I gave all the technical specs, what to consider before beginning, and a step-by-step walk-through for setting up your servers. This should help guide other Steemians who are considering taking the step towards becoming a witness.

See My 2018 Witness Setup Tutorial Here

MinnowFund Updates

Last week we saw an interesting scenario play out. We had quite a number of applicants for @minnowfund but only one met our requirements for delegation. Therefore, they were instantly chosen as the winner of our delegation. Congratulations to @jdh7190 who received 100 SP delegation from us and will receive upvotes on all of his posts from the @minnowfund account.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be considered for MinnowFund delegation, then please follow our channel at @minnowfund and be on the lookout for a post this Friday announcing that applications are open again. To date, we have provided 750 SP in delegation to users. We aim to continue supporting those who have shown they have a true desire to make an impact on the Steem blockchain.

Upvote Bot Updates

Over the last couple of weeks something interesting happened in the world of upvote bots. As the price of Steem has dropped, it has caused the reward payouts to be paid out in Steem, SBD, and SP. Unfortunately, the Steem payouts are not worth nearly that which you previously had gotten in SBD. Therefore, purchasing upvotes from upvote bots has become even pricier.

In an effort to continue providing a cost-effective service, and encourage users to keep producing content while the price of Steem is low, I have tweaked the ROI of my upvote service. It is now set to a minimum of 10% ROI and a maximum of 15%. Please note that although these are numbers I have set in the script configuration, you're more likely to see a 1%-10% ROI at most. Again, this is due to the payouts being split between Steem and SBD now.

Vote BrandonFrye For Witness

Thanks for reading my quick update regarding my witness and seed nodes, and what I've been up to here on the Steem blockchain. I would love to have your support as every vote puts me closer to producing my first block for the blockchain!!

Click here to vote me for witness


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Gonna do my best to get people in my circle to vote for witness. Still trying to introduce people to Steem, which is a battle in itself. But slowly they are joining and starting to understand it all :)

Thanks man, hope you know how much I appreciate that! It doesn't help much that crypto as a whole is down right now. But that's even more reason for them to get on board now and ride the wave up! :)

Hardest 'sell' right now for me is just that....telling people to just accumulate coins right now, dont worry about price....Really tough sell. I have no issue at all though with that LOL

Wow man! You won the random comment upvote again! LOL


I'm going to paste in a screenshot for proof cause you're on a roll. :)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha I've been winning this and Rewards Pool's random picker too...Luck!!!!!

Hey @brandonfrye, what rank are you supposed to be in order to produce blocks?

Technically I should produce start producing blocks soon, even with my current rank. But the higher your rank, the more blocks you will produce.

lol upvote me

Things have slowed down a bit given the recent downturn but as I know you will continue having the community in mind, I am sure you will be moving up that list quickly!

I appreciate that, @newageinv. Becoming a witness has caused me to begin brainstorming even more ways that I can benefit the community. :)

Thanks for the updates, @brandonfrye. I had already voted for you to become a witness. I would like to apply for minnowfund in a few weeks. My account is too new to meet the 4 week minimum requirement. :)

I really appreciate the support, And yeah, your blog was too new for this round but as soon as you hit 4 weeks be sure to submit again. Look forward to seeing you in a voting round!

How do I get my SP back that I delegated to you?

Hey Richard, all you have to do is go to click on Tools and use the delegation manager there to remove it. 👍🏻

I undelegated my SP with you 4 days ago and it still is not back in my account