Witness update - 0.22.5


Chronocrypto here with an update on my server stats, the server was up and running or so I thought it looks like I missed a block but it never updated on the https://steemd.com/witnesses page. I have restarted the server it's been checking on blocks but has yet to witness a block considering I am sitting at Rank 153 it will be a while before I can help secure the network.

Witness responsibilities

We all know what witnesses do and running a server is a plug and play but in reality, it's not as simple keeping sure the server is up to date with the current version so the network can run smoothly many servers are either dead or running a version that is not the current thus creating inconsistent blocks. Reason for the lag on the chain the last couple of days.

I wanted to give you an update on the stats of my server.


Chronocrypto Server numbers which are located in Finland

  • 16GB Ram - Will update soon
  • 500 SSD - Will update soon
  • 4 Cores - Will update soon
  • 100 mbps - Will update soon

The price of Steem is being updated auto with Someguys123 script, which is attached to Coingecko I think I will be switching it to pull the $ from Coinmarketcap.

Full RPC node

Since I am running a witness server, it will only be appropriate to boot up an RPC server as well to help alleviate the network so the Current and future Dapps can use.


If you have spare votes left or want to vote on a real person that will also provide help and support on the chain I would appreciate it.

Now go Vote for my witness

If you want me to be your Steem witness, please vote for @chronocrypto on steemit.com/~witnesses or steemworld.org/witnesses.


Just voted for you ! Good luck on this journey my dear.

Wow, thank you very much for your vote of confidence.

Hi Vlemon, you may have some interest in my witness as well. I wrote a post recently regarding it. Kindly take a look

I'll do my best to support you and asks other steemit friends to support you. I wish you best of luck keep going.

Thanks for the kind words, securing the network is very cool to do, being a part of the Blockchains background.

Actualizado desde proxi @enmovimiento


Hi Chronocrypto, how are you doing? Earlier today, I voted for your steem witness and I explained why I voted on your witness in this post:


In it, I also discussed some things that may be worthy of further discussion in relation to the steem blockchain. Kindly take a look. Where possible, you can share your thoughts as well.

I also started a witness on steem called 'surpassinggoogle'. Where you decide to support it, that would be inspirational. I mentioned this in my post as well.

Your boy Terry