Nice post!
I just voted for ya and update my witness voting.

Thank you so so much! If you ever need anything just ping me! I am also on the discord channels. THANK YOU

Hello given the quality of your article, the team of future.witness has decided to vote for you in order to encourage you to continue on this path.
You can also, if you want to help us and vote for our witness.
Here is a quick link to Steem Login, a 100% secure application developed by our team so that you can connect to all of your Steem applications.
Vote for our witness on Steem:

Bonjour @siavach et @future.witness, merci pour le vote! J'ai voté pour votre witness et j'espère que nous pourrons travailler ensemble. Salutations, Ciska [Witness]

Tu es française ?

Non je suis hollandaise, j´habite a Majorque et mon mari est belge! Enchante

hahaha ben au plaisir d'échanger avec toi au sujet de différents partenariat possible. Voici mon discord : siavach#3471

voted for you as a witness. What will you do if you become a steem witness to bring value for this platform?

THANK YOU @wajahatsardar! I will do everything in my power to market Steem and its entire ecosystem. Attract more users and investors by closing the gap between Dapps and their users. We are building an intranet system that will be free for Steemit, Steem Users, Steem Dapps. Stay tuned, we are about to do the announcement of this new tool! KR Ciska

I want to see new people on steem blockchain who really want to contribute to the steem and its community. I wish you the best of luck. Try to boost your post so more and more people can see your plains. I hope they all will support you.

steem is on

Hi, I really don't want to upvote myself, rather keep those votes to give to the people. Of course, I would love to have more visibility but that will come with time and persistence and help others grow on this platform. Thank you for all the support!

You get my vote 😃

I'm intrigued to see how the platform will rebuild now and have seen you sprinkle comments around. If you don't mind me asking, why was there big gap between your first post and this one (4 months)? Were you travelling? Guess it has been a bit of a mad time to be fair!

Me too, but I am sure that with time and passion of the ones who want steem to be a success, things will change for the better. I am working on the communication side of things so people don't feel left in the dark. Trust me I am working on that, its a big issue for me too. Thank you for your vote!

No worries.

I'm probably going to keep posting and do my own thing so will float around. I want to get to rep 70 which is not far away and I stopped my powerdown for now