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Hello Steemit Friends,

Today I am proud to announce the launch of my very own Witness. Before I go into all the details, specs, and numerous plans I have, I want to thank @someguy123 for helping to setup and guide me through the entire process of setting this and my seed up.

About Me
I started using Steemit in July of 2016 (Yay!! 1 year anniversary) and created my account initially by mining. I didn't mine for long and eventually started using Steem by posting questions that I had about the platform and the community. Those inquiry posts eventually evolved into short posts about whatever topics I found interesting at the time. That was when I discovered that I could be paid for the content I created.

I have been active in crypto currencies and blockchain technology since 2014, starting like most people with mining Bitcoin. Once I had a better understanding of how crypto currencies work and what it took to mine various different coins, I started to diversify the various currencies I held. Although I have been active in the space, I still consider myself a verifiable noob and will never consider myself an expert. I currently hold Bitcoin, Steem, SBD, Ethereum ZCash, Dash, Litecoin Bitshares, and EOS and some other various currencies hoping to one day strike it Rich!!

To date I am just shy of 700 followers and have roughly 700+ posts on Steemit and I am grateful for everyone of my supporters. I look forward to my next milestone of 1000 followers! Hopefully you can help me get there if you find my content worthy.

More info
Unlike most Witnesses, I do not have massive experience in programming, vast knowledge about blockchain technology, and an outstanding portfolio that would make your jaw drop. I am one of the small guys who like post people, Love Steemit and what it stands for - Freedom through decentralization, a passion to help make a difference, and the ability to collaborate, share experiences, and support one-another freely.

I will always do what is best for the users of this ecosystem.

I firmly believe "What is good for the Whole will be good for the few."

I want to promote Steemit and help it grow in communities where it can make the biggest difference and have the biggest impact.

Why vote for me?
There is something about being the first - Steemit is the first platform of its kind. I am the first (at least I think I am) Asia based Witness - at least in the Philippines and China. Being a Witness in this region, I feel there is an untapped market where Steemit can really thrive and make a huge difference in communities.

Our Asian Countries have the largest populations in the world with the greatest levels of poverty and corruption. Steemit can make a huge difference in the life of many individuals in this region. Using the support from the community I want to be able to make a difference in communities where help will make the biggest difference and bring in users that will help us further diversify our community and allow these users to share their culture, experiences, and talents with the rest of the world.

Like all other Witnesses, I want to establish awareness programs and initiatives to grow our reach and userbase in countries where social media, wireless/mobile usage, and crypto based technology are more widely supported and used.

I also represent a large portion of the community who isn't hardcore crypto experienced, although I love digital currencies and the technology behind it. I am not a whale, a dolphin, and I'm definately not well known. I am one of the little guys - and as a little guy my focus will be on all of the other little guys and girls - those who have a hard time getting their content noticed and those that represent countries where Steemit can do the most good.

My goal is to take the experience I gain as a witness and translate that knowledge into something new Steemit and less experienced individuals can understand. Hopefully I can help simplify already complex processes and information into something anyone without a background in programming, technology, and digital currency that ordinary everyday people can understand. At the same time come up with programs and initiatives that will help boost and promote minnow and new user content.

I represent the voice of the less influential and a fresh perspective different then most other existing witnesses. I am also very active and almost always available - I fall asleep at my PC frequently and am virtually always online. You can find me on various discord channels hanging out both learning and sharing what I have learned with others.

My witness node is currently hosted by @privex and has a Zero-Block Miss SLA guarantee.

Witness node
CPUIntel Xeon (4 cores)
Internet connection1 gigabit Network

I also have a seed node setup with similar specs which is also hosted by @privex.

Seed node
IP address:port23.92.215.36:2001
CPUIntel Xeon (4 cores)
Internet connection1 gigabit Network

You can vote for me as a Steem witness on this page:


Since I am definitely not in the Top 50, you will need to manually enter my witness name cloh76.witness in the vote box near the bottom of the page and click VOTE.

Or via command line with vote_for_witness youraccount cloh76.witness true true

Before I end, I want to Thank all of my continued supporters, the steemit community, and all of my future supporters. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue to serve, support, and help grow the Steemit ecosystem.

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We're so happy to see the first ever Witness in the Philippines! This is fantastic @cloh76 we've resteemed it, upvoted, and will encourage all of #teamphilippines to vote for your witness!

Thanks. I look forward to doing what I can to help the community grow

Good luck on being a witness! That means you are an instant whale! How lucky you are!

Upvoted and Resteemed ❤
Thank you for supporting the Filipino Community. You definitely have my vote.

- Your SteemPH Family


Thanks! I appreciate the support and look forward to many more good things for the community!

Asian and other brown people badly need a souls like yours with a willingness to help, specially Filipinos were poverty dramatically increases daily. Thank you for your kindness.

Happy to help wherever and whoever i can

Voting done. Looking forward to seeing great things from you @cloh76!

Thanks dreamiely. Hope you feel better soon!

@cloh76 hi, and thank you for sharing your story and efforts!
I am now following your content and ask you share what info you have about the upcoming fork controversy and a quorum or possible steem split, esp. the calibrae project.

I am a researcher with a passion for the People on earth to be free.
I invite all who seek truth to visit me and support our worldwide collective efforts to care, share, and amplify awareness.
Sincerely, @ronmamita where I resonate with #TeamEndTheFed

Great man, congrats, and wish you the best!

Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement and support!

Voted for you, all the best.

@praz735u5 Thanks for the support - I appreciate it

Thank you for supporting the Filipino Community @cloh76

It's only the Start! Hoping to do bigger better things

Congratulations on all of your success and continued success to come! It's great to see a post about someone wanting to enrich an untapped community and try to bring positive energy and light!

Thanks. I hope I can help make a difference.

This is it. go #teamphilippines upvoted and followed! Added as witness.

Thanks for the support @markceliz

We look forward to your talk about this on Aug5. 😊 see you there!

followed @luvabi

See you on August 5

Welcome to the witness bandwagon.

Thanks! I hope I can be a positive contributor to the Steemit ecosystem!

Amazing! Glad you have set your witness up @cloh76. I will give my full support on this. I give you my vote along with some people that made me proxy for their witness voting. Cheers and goodluck!

Edit: Lol, I actually noticed that I already voted for your personal account a week ago (or maybe less than a week), I thought that's the one I would need to vote for. Well, that's prior to this announcement.

Thanks @deveerei - the witness is cloh76.witness

Yes. Voted! I will rally votes for you!

Yay campaign!

oh can you be my proxy then Dev? there's none in my list whatsoever. please DM me :)

Nothing done yet mate, wait a bit :)

For sure miss. :)

Glad to see you got it up @cloh76 ! I'm sure you're going to do some awesome things! I'll give you my vote.

Thanks! Looking forward to working with yall on some new community activities

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nice heared this from shade =D
#teamphilippines =D

Phase 1 complete. Onto Phase 2!!

Habla, blah blah blah blah blah, Español for my bunghole...

I just saw this! Mention it in general on MSP and see if you can get some more traction. I'll add you to my list. Please consider returning the favor to support the minnows!

Done. Announced in MSP General and posted the link in #postpromotion

Followed you and upvoted your Witness as well. FYI - I am originally from Austin as well!

Thanks. I checked out your post and upvoted you

There you go. Time to start :)

@juvyjabian Thanks! Only the beginning!

@cloh76 got you a $1.8 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@cloh76 got you a $1.8 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image: pixabay.com)

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Congratulations on taking the big step. I support you Cloh in your witness project! :)

Thanks @siddartha

Hopefully I can be of some help to the community like I plan

Good lucky with this :)

Thanks Red Queen! I look forward to being able to provide more support for other Minnows.

I am sure you will :)

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I will help to campaign you as our witness.you desserve the position to help this community more progressive and to be a great motivation to a minnows like me.Vote straight @cloh76 for witness!

Good luck man. And nice meeting you.

That's great, following you now. I have set up my witness account but not yet the server. As we said on the other post thread, good to see more witnesses in this part of the world.

Wow, glad to stumble into your account.well i just followed you.i appreciate your generousity and desire to help others succeed along side you.see more of you

Thanks. I appreciate your support. I look forward to doing what I can to help you and other new Steemit community members succeed!

Wow..just seeing this post now..my witness na sa philippines congratulations @cloh76 voted as witness..

Glad to meet you in the Team Philippines event. Wish you all the best!

Hi @cloh76. Just voted for you as witness. The best is yet to come for teamphilippines. Good luck!

Mabuhay! :)

Thanks and Mabuhay! right back at you!