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RE: The "steemgigs" Witness Is Now On A 64GB RAM Server & How Help The Steem Ecosystem.

Much appreciated spotlight, I wanna bask in your sun!

I am glad to be of service to ideas that deserve detail, Steemit, let me be YOUR artist!
Steemit is a godsend in so many ways; I am investing in my business, my art, and my future with long-term cryptocurrency security. Before Steemit, I used to blog on Tumblr (since 2008), a variety of other sites I've tried, and Facebook for more than 11 years, sharing my original content and getting it in front of strangers has been difficult, at the least. Social media networks have become a dog race and we're like hobbled rabbits chased around by the lens of a camera's eye. It seems all have been formatted for some who like small talk, incessant selfies, and a constant stream of photo motivationals, I'm yearning for culture.

It feels like when I was Tumblr back in 2008-2009, when the community engaged more actively, more thoughtfully, and developed into the prolific groups that arose with specialty content curators, collectors-turn-bloggers, and the rise of the modern prosumer that now resides on Youtube or Twitch. Reddit still remains the front page of the Internet, perhaps Steemit could be its full-page color fold-out, layered and unfolding. The users here are far more interesting in many regards to accessibility, and the conversation threads are promising...can't wait until I'm on Steemit as long as I have been on Tumblr, or even Facebook.

I have managed to build a posting schedule that promotes more information about my image work, allows everyone a chance to interact with me and my world, and lets a whole new network into my studio. How can I help you, Steemit?

Thank you for sharing this!

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

I am a proud @earthnation Steemit Guild Community member!
Thanks to their loyal support, I am able to create a passive income stream that funds my creative output and delivers this original content directly to YOU.


How can i solve this problem?

i can't post at @steemgigs. what can i do @surpassinggoogle?

Just be patient. We are working on it. Leave feedback on the discord homepage upon login, on the right side. Check the bottom of this post for details

Thank you for trying it. We improving gradually

I want it to sit up there and represent incessant inspiration, especially for nations that the world calls "developing".

I have always known that one day, our very Own will bring the much desired change that we desperately seek because a stranger can never be the one to put your house in order but you who have felt the pain, who knows exactly where the shoe pinches.
Thank you for your painstaking moves to see poverty alleviated and financial freedom enhanced for your people 'the developing'. I believe that steemgigs is the market place of the future and the now, I trust it to deliver and its full potentials realised. I give you all the Kudos Terry.

SteemGigs bridges the gap between minnow and whale etc e.g you may not have giant SP but you may have giant know-how.A whale may not need your upvote but he may need your assistance.

This for me is the most interesting part, where the dichotomy of whaleship/minnowship is dissolved and all are able to forge business friendship and camaraderie on the same level. Honestly this is so wonderful. Thank you so much for steemgigs and the versatility that I see there.
I am seriously stalking you and I wish you can see this in your spare time.

SteemGigs: "Everyone has something to offer" seats out there as witness, for the bigger picture: "to mine the human, until we attain our awesomest version, to where there is nothing like "developing or developed"

I love your optimism, your perspective and your determination to see things done for the good of humanity, especially the ''''developing"" communities, so as to remove the barriers preventing them from harnessing their awesomest version . Thank you sir
My question is if we can do the normal day to day blogging on steemgigs?

ok sir. you work very hard for everyone. you true legand. thanks a lot.

Fundamental reason?I would t be able to discover somebody more supportive than you.Even on the off chance that I haven't been profited from your movement despite everything I think you are doing stunning employment out there

claps for you @surpassinggoogle

wow you wrote almost my words dear @craigahamilton I wanna bask in his sun too and I think we already are :)

Try clear the cache of your browser. Try a fresh browser too or in incognito, let's see if that works.

Just be patient. We are working on it. Leave feedback on the discord homepage upon login, on the right side. Check the bottom of this post for details

Thank you for trying it. We improving gradually

Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for your feedback. i believe on your work. i believe @steemgigs. i try it around 20 times &3hour.....!!!!
but i can't post here. ok no problem. i follow your instruction & trying tommorrow again. tell me one thing please. which browser is better for @steemgigs?

can i contribution here?

This is very good work. every one have chance to be do something here. i also intersted. how can i join with them?

how can i join with steemgigs?

@surpassinggoogle today i post at @steemgigs. but i face a big problem. my post was successful but pictures can't be uploaded. but that post have three pictures i will uploaded. please sir check this issue. if you want you can visit my blog. the post have been here.

@surpassinggoogle sir today i will trying to make a post at @steemgigs so many time but every time showing this problem. what's wrong with my title?

Hi, just try again, the website is still not perfect that is why you are encountering problem like in uploading.

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