Adjusting My Price Feed Bias Back To 0% - SBD Is Basically At The Peg Again

Since SBD is trading at around $1.17 I consider no longer necessary to have a higher than zero price feed bias (a.k.a. printing more SBD).

Also, there are already a few witnesses which are still keeping their price feed bias above zero: @abit, @pharesim, @reggaemuffin, @liberosist, @ats-witness, @charlieshrem and @guiltyparties.

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Dragos Roua

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Thank you!

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Nice move thank you for the update

I believe this is just the bottom before the third wave up for SBD.
So, expect another run before it will settle down

I am also bullish on STEEM medium term. Not so much about SBD, though...

Considering how things are going, I think the bias could have been set to zero weeks ago.

As the song goes.
Hello darkness my old friend...

A move in the right direction...

wow nice moving i like it good news for steem community

Wow, Really Its Move in the right direction, its great for us.

Good old days are back i guess hopefully the steemit ecosystem will be stable now :)

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