Adjusting My Price Feed To -2% - SBD May Cross Below $1

Given the sudden depreciation of BTC, SBD is going down faster than it should. At the moment of writing it was trading at $1, which is a good thing, but the downwards velocity seems a bit too high, and it may go under that. As a witness trying to enforce the SBD peg to $1 worth of STEEM, I decided to adjust my price feed to -2%.

It's the first time in months to have a negative price feed bias (which means I believe less SBD should be printed, basically) after a lot of efforts to reduce the SBD value.

There are still witnesses which are still having a positive bias: @reggaemuffin, @jackmiller, @liberosist (seems to have it at 20%, unusually high for the current situation), @charlieshrem and @guiltyparties.

These are the witnesses with a negative bias: @pharesim, @abit and yours truly.

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Dragos Roua

Wanna know when you're getting paid?

I know the feeling. That's why I created, an easy to use and accurate tool for calculating your Steemit rewards

It's free to use, but if you think this is a useful addition, I'd appreciate your witness vote.

Thank you!

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Reminder that under $1 is really easy to fix with conversions and they should be used for that :) negative bias is in my opinion not useful in normal situations

I'm back to zero anyway, since SBD jumped back a little, but thanks for the reminder.

Hey, I was wondering if you could add a feature for the rewards calculator on Steem Supply to calculate a 100% power up post compared to the 50/50 default. With the low price SBD now it makes sense again to consider that.

Posts with 100% Power Up appears with 0 USD, because there's no liquid reward to it. Displaying the value in USD of Steem Power will be misleading, because the earliest time to cash out SP is within a week and the price can vary a lot.

There's a footnote in the app:

**** if a post is displaying 0.00 in USD, it means there are no liquid rewards, author chose 100% power up - if you want to see the SP rewards too, use the "Toggle USD / STU Rewards" button

Thanks, although I meant the new reward calculator. I assume it is not just doubling the SP amount or is it?

Good to see you are making those adjustments , i'm sure we will be the price going up soon

Well the price should always stay around $1 so really only the outside exchanges are causing the price spikes based on speculation and low supply.

Just tried out your tool , very useful , I really liked it ! I have added you to my witness vote list. one the witnesses I had, stopped 10 weeks ago.leaving a spot open as well. great reminder to check it out once in a while @dragosroua , thanks !✌👍😀

Thanks @dragosroua for taking the timely action...

I've answered via a comment on your last post on the topic.

We as non top20 witnesses do not influence anything on these values and my values are set at where I personally would like to see them one day.

With one addition & that is that the interest rates be two columns, one for ALL SBD and one for Savings.

However, until then, it is what it is and I stand by my vision as shown in my figures!

I was actually pretty surprised to see SBD below $1 tonight. Might be a good time to invest in SBD for some quick gains when it drops below $1!!!

Nice update from you sir,
The sbd to steem ratio is just incredible,

what do we do

That is the question we all are asking.
Will be looking up for more updates

we hope the price rises soon

Why not increase tree interest rate instead of change the oeg(price bias).

Is someone asleep at the switch?
or is he a 'dead witness'?

Good, it should have stayed $1 in the first place, I'm glad it has gone up thoug-- Waitasec-- !!

You mean if it can go up because of outside market, it can go down to 0.01 too because of that market?!.... NOOOOOO PLEASE!!

Yes it make us all sad

nice brother post.aloweys thanks.

what would be the best thing to do now power up the post of go for 50/50 rewards ?

does this effect the printing of SBD and if so how?

Edit - scrap that question. I just read your post

I was also reading I was reading this post by @tarazkp

can you tell me if more witnesses use a negative bias and the ratio reaches 5% SBD will stop printing and quickly reverse the effects of trying to peg?

I also think it will go below $1