🗳️ My Witness Application 🗳️ @drakos

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thus i made though a witness @drakos

Consider yourself voted.

Interesting background, too. I was happy to learn more about you in the process! Good luck.

Thanks for sharing a bit about your background, you seem well qualified to be a witness and I like that you've put together a roadmap detailing how you will proceed from here. Man, that Sharp PC belongs in a museum, what a dinosaur! I also started programming as a kid, learning QBASIC on our first family PC, an IBM 386 with an amazingly huge 80 MB hard drive and 4 MB of RAM. Ah, those were the days. All you young 'uns nowadays are spoiled with your fancy graphics processors and APIs that do everything for you... I swear you people haven't lived until you've hand optimized a critical loop with a bit of assembly language.

Anyway, you've got my witness vote. The clincher was your pirate persona; I just saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and loved every minute of it; definitely the best one yet!

Thanks for the support. Yes I love my Sharp, I still have the full kit. Sadly, I must have bumped it one day during a moving and the LCD screen has partially leaked. It still works though. That's a vintage dinosaur indeed. We had QBASIC classes in high school, you can imagine I had the best grades lol.
I haven't seen the latest Pirates of the Caribbean but I will. I saw all the previous ones of course, I'm a big fan of pirate movies, classic stuff like Swashbuckler and The Crimson Pirate. Arrrrrrr! 🏴‍☠️

Nice, old pieces of tech like that make great collector's items. Pity about the screen though. My middle school also had programming classes, but by then I already knew all the course material, so my teacher let me sit in the back and spend the whole period programming my own games. Then the other kids would come and be my playtesters after finishing their own assignments.

I won't spoil the new movie for you, except to say that the new villain is great and Johnny Depp is once again in fine form. You'll love it!

Good luck dude, will add you to my votes for witness

Thank you 🤗

@drakos I like your idea about messaging. I really hate we can't do that here. I also like taking your $$ in the Steem Poker League. Followed and upvoted, will also throw you one of my witness votes.

I promise that I will lose for at least an hour

hahaha, thats great.

Nice post my friend. Dropped you a follow, you can follow me at @looking4llamas. Looking forward to your future posts!

Thanks, but please don't ask for a F4F, I wrote about things to avoid doing on Steemit.

You're right, my bad. Thanks for the link tho!

Avoid doing it too much, it may end up hurting you with downvotes and flagging!

You're right, comments should have value!

@drakos of course I would vote for you, done and done! I think you would a be fantastic addition! New or not, when I was first getting started you jumped at the chance to help me out and I'll never forget the kindness, patience and understanding you showed me! Best of luck to you :)

Got my vote, buddy! Get it!!!

Voted. Thanks for the help @drakos.

You're welcome, enjoy Steemit :)

You are great @drakos, keep it up, you have my vote

lovely piece ....thanx a lot for sharing.

I would vote for you

Late but not never... my vote hit you yesterday bud!

@drakos - Nice to read some more info about you. I went ahead and voted you for witness, and your handle is now showing under the voting section. Good luck with this endeavor. @transcript-junky

Thanks a lot, your vote is appreciated :)

Voting?! Hey, at least on Steemit, we pick the candidates, right? ;-) That was an easy vote too. I'll resteem this as well!

Edit: Or maybe I won't resteem it? The resteem button seems to be missing even after a refresh. /boggle

That's because the reward was already paid. Thanks for the vote :)

Ha! I am such a newb. :)

@drakos, can you update the beginning of your witness thread, I was going to try to get people to resteem witness threads of those who need the help.

What needs updating?

Maybe nothing, other than at the beginning where it says that you have been here for only two weeks. You've been here over 3 years now. Maybe you can just say "I've been here since..."

Legend thanks for helping me create my page :)

You're welcome.

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@drakos nice to meet you, my vote do you have, though my upvote is small you have it. this is the post to promote you as a witness? Greetings from a new Minnow from Belgium.

All votes are important, thanks. Yes this is my witness proposal/application.

ok its to old to resteem, may i hope your will like some of my post also, greetings

Hi Drakos, i know this is late but i only just found your post.
Im wondering if i should host my own witness server as well. I have a spare PC that i dont use, do you think its possible to host it on that?

Also i want to vote for you as a witness but cant find the box.

It's recommended that you run rent a server with a reliable and fast connection. You'll need at least 16GB of RAM. Whether or not you should become a witness, refer to this post https://steemit.com/witness-category/@drakos/running-a-witness-is-it-as-easy-as-it-sounds

For voting, check my latest posts, I have updated information how to vote. Or refer to this guide https://steemit.com/witness-category/@drakos/tips-and-guidelines-voting-for-witnesses

Thanks, so after reading that post i doubt i have the time/money/skill set to run q reliable server :(

It's not an easy enterprise.

Welcome fellow witness, you are now a knight of Steem!

Wow!!! From a Biochemist to a computer guru that's just spectacular. I have always know the developers of social media platforms had some gain in it as they won't just be paying for hosting and other stuff without getting something in return. Nothing in life is truly free, not even in Freetown.

Your post has been most helful to me. thank you so much.

hello drako you have always voted my post I thank you because you have helped me good law your post and you have a plan to follow as a witness I wish you success and that you meet this goal that you projected yourself. I follow you friend

Thanks for your help!! It was great to read about your interesting background. I voted for you because you will be a great witness. You are more than qualified. And you are the first person I followed since joining. Looking forward to your posts and the growth of Steemit.

nice ideas, wish you success! just upvoted and wittnessed for you!

Same here ; the privacy concern, thank you.

You've got 1 of my witness votes.

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)

Voted for you

Yea's already me scurvy dog Witness. @drakos Arrrh!

You have my vote!

Thanks :)

Are you Greek by any chance?

Either way, if you like you can check out my #introduceyourself post here. And if you are Greek, you can read a story that's in it in the original language. 😁

No I'm not Greek, only my account name is :)