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RE: The "steemgigs" Witness Is Now On A 64GB RAM Server & How Help The Steem Ecosystem.

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Improving the steem economy.
Improving steemit growth.
Tightening the bond of our existing steemit community.
Unveiling the "human behind the steemian".
Unraveling the wealth and depth of our existing steemit community.
Imploring steemians to practice their profession & hone their expertise.
Instilling in the steemit community, the culture/art of "giving and receiving".
To create a more fun atmosphere even in the face of overwhelming events.
Add an organic reputation system (SteemGigs Success Testimonials) to our reputation score system.
Expanding the vision of steemians, with regards to the scalabilty/capability of the steem blockchain,
Sparking more creativity thus, more solutions to real world problems.
Beautify steemit/steem in the search engines.
Connecting steemians in need to steemians indeed.
Keeping inactive steemians in the steem economy by means of live SteemGigs.
Providing non-blogger steemians with incessant ways to earn steem/SBD
Burn SBDs
Gift humanity with a least one breakthrough product/solution
Attracting the freelance industry, recruiting agencies and powerful organizations to the steem economy.

All Steemians need this kind of flatform.
Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle.


He is the man behind this wonderful platform, I wish for the success of #steemgigs as it would also mean success of #steemit too!

Yeah so true.

i am very intersted to stremgigs. can you tell me please how can i join with steemgigs?

It is a steembased app. So you can sign in with your steemit keys. Make sure you are on to start with

okay thank you. but i use my steemit key. this is safe for me?

i will trying several time but error showing. i can't found this problem. if possible please tell me now what i can i do here? i wabt to post here but i can't do this.

Thank you so much..:)
I actually offer something on Steemgigs..
I hope, you'll check this simple blog of mine..

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