Conductor 0.3 Update (Steem Witness Toolkit)

in #witness-category3 years ago

Witnesses relying on conductor should upgrade to 0.3.x


Market accuracy and feeds improvements:
*add volume support for Bittrex
*enable Volume Weighted Pricing for STEEM, SBD
*remove BTC-E
*added safety to avoid publishing erroneous data

Automated Failover and kill-switch:
*support an arbitrary number of failover keys
*forgive old block misses (24hr+)

UX improvements:
*guide new users towards conductor init
*cli hook ensures witness data is always up to date
*config file moved to ~/.conductor.json


Súper!! Lo añado a mis marcadores de Google Chrome!

Whew you developers are clever - this is all Greek to me - upvoted

@furion, great work. Thank you for your work and the update.

Nice one. It will make things much easier.

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Keep rocking!


Nice improvements, thanks.

great👌👌👌👌 work👍👍👍👍Thank you👌👌👌👌 for your 👍👍👍work and the 💐💐💐💐update 🎂🎂🎂

wow you talk 'Accuracy and market feeds improvements' Today, sorry I recently read interesting news from you. thank you @furion for information

this is really awesome ! Great info. Glad to follow you

Nice information

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