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RE: Are Top 20 Witnesses Voting Each Other? Introducing Witness-voting Factor

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What about strenght of the votes and the witness-voting factor.
Like share in voting power of the voters in top20.
Simple sum votes in top20 then chart with share of the voter.
Or same method you did but instead of witnesses voting witnesses, just top voters voting in top20.

One voter have 50%+ of votes ?

And does it really matter?

Your thing is funny joke with witnesses in top20 who don't even vote :D.
Did you checked data before publishing such thing ? how can it be reliable measure when half of the accounts you checked don't even vote. Maybe they don't know yet how to vote on witnesses ? And it's most important factor in your statistic...

Respect for doing anything with code. But you need to learn bit more about data to create anything reliable...


Thanks for your comment.

  1. This model is trying to answer the question in the title, so voting weight is not taken into account as it is irrelevant. But since you are interested, I'll do that in the next few days (if i have time).
  2. The witnesses in TOP 20 are either voting at least one (voting for himself counts) or setting a proxy, so they do know how to vote.
  3. The only thing I would revise for this model is to use Median instead of Average.

dev.supporters ( don't vote )
hoasen ( don't vote )
protoss20 ( don't vote )
juddsmith079 ( don't vote )
matreshka ( don't vote )
inwi ( don't vote )
hivei0 ( don't vote )
rnt1 ( don't vote )
hinomaru-jp ( don't vote )
cryptoking777 ( don't vote )

scissor.sisters ( votes only himself )
steem-dragon ( votes only himself )


it doesn't make sense to answer anything with data like this... or compare it...

but thanks to you i just discovered it :o

or maybe different questions about who they really are and what they really know about this blockchain...

Would be interesting to see how top20 would change if all the top20 witnesses remove votes, on hive side. On steem i know that nothing will change...

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