Oh, good. Now I don't have to poke you and ask if we do. ;-)

Didn't you receive a significant and helpful payment from Jerry for being a sub-100 witness when you were still witnessing? On the other hand, what has Pharesim done for you? Virtue signalling isn't always cool.

You're aware that you're blatantly promoting vote buying here, yes?

That's a logical fail based on throwing red herrings. Noone was forced to vote for Jerry, and as I understand it, @gmuxx was under no obligation to do so, not sure he even did... I do know he's pretty vocally anti-jerry. I didn't follow every disbursement he made through. I can say, if someone is empowering witnesses, they might just deserve that vote for it, as opposed to those who vehemently argue against free market competition by say, ignoring the witness voting page fallacy, or the motives and money that ensure collusion is required at the top. See the longer comment with references.

So yeah, making shit up, won't make your case any stronger.

You live and learn, and learn I have.

Fair enough. (did you pay him back then?) :)

No, but should he so wish all he has to do is ask.

lol I like you, and don't want this to get ugly. :) But that doesn't seem like how this is supposed to work from an integrity point of view. :D

I ceased my witness under a cloud of mental health that didn't seem conducive towards running a server effectively. Not a lot of clear thought steered the decisions I made at the time. You're right, from an integrity point of view I should have contacted Jerry regarding the payment to cover server costs. I have now rectified this mistake.

<3 Thanks for having a rational conversation, and not just getting all defensey :) Love you muxx-ay!